What to arrange before your travel from Canada…


Before you travel from Canada – Get a Pre-Paid Telephone Card

You never know when you may wish or need to telephone home during your trip. For such purposes, you might consider purchasing a pre-paid telephone card. If you decide to purchase a pre-paid telephone card, be sure that the card you choose will work outside Canada.

Before you travel from Canada – get your International Driver’s License

If you intend to drive overseas, check with the embassy or consulate of the countries where you will visit to learn about requirements for driver’s license, road permits, and auto insurance.

Many countries do not recognize a Canada driver’s license. However, most countries accept an international driver’s permit.

These can be obtained through CAA, download the application online.

Before you travel from Canada – Protect your valuables

Don’t bring them along! Do not bring anything on your trip that you would do not want to lose, such as expensive jewelry, family photographs, or anything that is valuable to you.

It is also usually a good idea to keep your wallets and purses at home when travelling.

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