Tired of seeing flights at prices that do not exist.

Canada Travel Review

by Brian Gagnon

I have found several flights available to Puerto Vallarta Mexico on Air Canada on the Trip Central web site. I try to book them and it comes back as “The flight is not available at that price”. So I call and talk to someone at Trip Central about it and I get a big run around.

The next day the same flight is still listed but at an even lower price. I try to book it again and get the same message. Now if this were any other business offering a product or service at a specific price yet they wouldn’t sell it to you at that price wouldn’t they be held responsible by some governing body?

I believe it’s called false advertising. I can understand as the Trip Central agent told me over the phone that the flight might be sold out and not off of the web site yet. But then why do I see the same flight offered the next day at an even lower price and I am still unable to book it?

Don’t waste your time with Trip Central. I suggest you use Sell off Vacations. I have never had a problem with them.

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