Ticketpilot.ca has worked for me!

Canada Travel Review

by Matt

I have used ticketpilot.ca a number of times and have had no issues. I like to select from a variety connections and it works well. Their prices have been cheaper than the airline sites on every occasion. I admit, the first time you use it, there is a great deal of trepidation.

They don’t have great customer relations so you feel like you are left twisting in the wind. If you are a demanding flyer, crying about every inconvenience or needing reassurance with every step, then maybe this is not the solution for you. It does feel a little risky but, at least for me, the cost saving has worked out.

To reduce the anxiety you can check with the airlines once you receive your e-ticket to see if they have you on their computer manifest.

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  1. Ticketpilot has good customer support

    I have used Ticketpilot.ca a few times along with other online travel agencies. Last time i needed to make a change to my ticket to London and it was easy, I did not have to wait, my call was answer quickly and the new flight was booked and my ticket reissued. They also have a very good , fast booking engine.

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