Is Ticket Pilot a scam?

Canada Travel Review

by cheri

we tried to book ticket through them and wasted 2 days after trying to get our money back. janniak was the guy we dealt with and he was useless. first after giving the credit number they tried to charge us twice (without notifying us) saying the money had not gone through (which it had) then they denied having the money which had left our account.

they continued to tell us to call our bank to get various information (codes, mailing addresses ect..) it changed from time to time. then while still denying they had the first payment they proceeded to asking for another credit card to book the flights because the price was going up.

we called the airlines who told us the flights had already been booked, they had just not received any payment yet. in the end we got lucky and the bank was able to pull the payment, but we will never use ticket pilot again it was a complete scam!

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  1. Not true

    Dude, I have bought at least 5 tickets from Ticket Pilot in the last 2 years and I have never had a problem. Everything is ticketed a day after online transaction. Perhaps your issue was trying to cancel/refund the tickets – this is difficult when you buy the lowest rates which these services typically offer as these rates carry significant restrictions.

    If you want flexibility then buy directly from airlines or travel agents; when you go for the lowest rates, forget about cancellation or refund. But don’t call Ticket Pilot a scam, cuz I usually get lower rates than from airlines directly and some other competitors ( or Expdia).

  2. Not a scam-Great services

    I have to admit that this is a great agency which provides the lowest rates possible. And even if they need more information about your reservation and you provide it in time there is no way to have problems.

    And again, even the airline charges you for cancellation or for changing the dates , what would anyone expect that here you can do it for free? No way. So, again, if you are looking for the best price here you can find it. I have used their services twice and actually the second time the ticket was issued within 3 hours.

    And that was because they needed some details for my payment because of the security reasons which were actually in my favour. I have checked also the airline website and my reservation was confirmed there also. So no worries what so ever.

    If you are a responsible person there is no way to have problems with this agency and it is unacceptable to call it scam. Better review one’s attitude and judgement rather than accusing others for your own mistakes. Wish everyone best trips and hope this review helps , because there is no reason to blame the services provided by them!

  3. you are awesome t. pilot

    i travel often and a few times got my ticket with ticket pilot, and have no issues at all. in fact
    they even sent me my e tickets by mail for free.

  4. Agree is a scam

    Agree with this comment , they are completely the worst online travel agency we have worked with to date … we are being cheated as we booked 4 adult fares and 1 infant fare …. we expected to pay just under 5000, however my friends card was charged over 6000 ….dealt with a Henry and he was argumentative and not helpful as all …basically said you were be charge for 5 units an average price …. all I wanted it to pay the price we expected not the average price … we are pay over 800 more than expected.

    We are ultimately we are almost paying a full adult fare for an infant because of the how they hide behind the avg pricing scam. Contacted airline and unfortunately they apologized however all I could do was issue a complaint advising them not to sell tickets to to this organization . I will be contacting BB and going thru every option available to get a credit …

  5. Ticket pilot is not a scam

    not true at all.. since discovering ticket pilot about 6 years ago they hv been my website of choiice and we have had no issues using them

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