Sunwing awful-I agree

Canada Travel Review

by Frank
(Niagara Falls,Ontario)

We booked a trip to Cuba with Sunwing too. The day before the trip they called and said the flight was cancelled and now instead of leaving at 630AM,we would not leave until 940PM. Our return flight was supposed to be late in the day and it was cancelled and changed to 1030AM. So, we lost two whole days of our long awaited,higly anticipated holiday.

The people at Sunwing said they have every right to do this,told me I should read the terms and conditions! AND they are not obliged to offer any other options.They said they were only obligated to get us to Cuba on the same day!!.

To top it off, they were arrogant and indifferent(and no compensation or even an APOLOGY was offered). We were a family totalling twelve and want everyone to know how BADLY Sunwing treated us.NEVER AGAIN!!!!

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  1. Sunwing disgusts me, stay away from this airline.

    Our flight back from Cuba was delayed first by 6 hours then by 1 followed by another by another 2 hours the 1 hour more for a total of 10 hours into the next day. We waited all checked out in the resort lobby for pickup with 2 toddlers through the night without any notice or exanation. Sunwing NEVER AGAIN!

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