Sunquest Trip


by Ilda Soares
(Mississauga On Canada)

Trip to Grand Paradise Bavaro in mid February 2011. We have travelled to Punta Cana several times befor. This was the worst trip ever. We arrived in Punta Cana at 11;00 pm and did not get into our room until after 3;00 am. repairs were being done to the room ajoining ours and befor 8;00 am the next day they started again. No regard for the fact that we arrived in the room after 3:00am service at desk was horrible.

Hotel was over booked and after waiting in line for an hour we then had to wait again to be driven to the other end of the resort. waited there again for our room and then to be waited to be taken there. When front desk saw us still standing waiting to be taken to our room we were told to find it our selves. We had booked beach front but were placed as far from the beach as was possible were evry one spoke French and made no effort the speak english or Spanish.

We had to take a small train to beach every day. Hell if you forget something.If you wanted to stay be the pool you still had to take the train to get beach towels only to find they had none. Lucky if you can get on the first time around. No beach towels 4 of the 7 days. Never got a beach chair, they did not have enough of them. 2 days no towels in the room had to dry off on our t shirts.

Sheets replaced on the day befor we left only. One day the room was not even clean. No cups in the room, only one chair available in room. toilet paper did not not have a rod, paper kept falling on the floor. 2 days no hot water. tipping made no differance. When we complained we were told to enjoy it your on vacation. Customer serve useless.We were not allowed to speak to management. One and a half hours to book a la cart meals.

We did not get breakfast because of all the delays when we asked for something to eat we were told the only thing available to us was bread and water, yes bread and water just like in jail. The attitude of was so bad we will never go there again.

Beleive the bad reviews. Sunquest was just as useless. come back later, comeback tomorrow was all they said. To top it off we were told that we could take 50kilos there by trip central on the way back at the airport we were told 40 kilos and they wanted $100. to bring back my own property.

Everyone around us complained of the same things Stay clear of this resort and Sunquest

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