Sunquest doesn’t care about its customers!

Canada Travel Review

by Angie
(Ontario, CAnada)

My hubby & I booked (& paid for) a trip to MExico – paid $6154 in full, on December 4,2010. On Dec 29, 2010 I looked at the price online, and it dropped to $4275.

I called Sunquest, looking for either a rebate, or voucher for future travel, and was told NO DEAL. Calling their customer service line is a 20minute wait to be told my a minion reading from a manual ‘you were obviously satisfied to pay that price when you booked’ is frustrating, and angering. Spoke to this person’s supervisor, told same thing.

Called a week later and asked for someone above this supervisor. Was told we would be called back, no call.

UNACCEPTABLE customer service! I understand pricing changes, I really do, and accept them, but this is a $1800 price drop – UNACCEPTABLE!

NEVER USE SUNQUEST!!! I am a frequent traveller, and definitely won’t use them again!

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  1. Cry baby

    That is the way the game goes everyone looks for the deal that is under cost and don’t rebate the travel company …don’t be a cry baby

  2. Enough

    A cry baby? Didn’t your mother ever tell you, that if you couldn’t say something nice, keep your mouth shut?
    Was that comment necessary?

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