Top Ten Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Top Ten Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

You really want to read these tips about staying healthy while traveling because the last thing you want to experience when you’re traveling  and not in your home country where everything is familiar, is illness. Particularly when simple precautions could have prevented it. Here are ten tips for staying healthy while travelling.

#1 Get vaccinated for any required, recommended and routine vaccinations well in advance of your trip. This simple measure will protect you from 99% of any major illnesses you’re likely to encounter when you’re traveling.

#2 Before you go, check the CDC, Center for Disease Control, website to inform yourself of any health issues in the country you’re traveling to. For example, is H1N1 causing rampant health issues? It pays to know in advance what you should be prepared for.

#3 Are there insect-born illnesses where you’re going? Many vaccinations cover insect-born illnesses like malaria. However, there are other illnesses you can contract via insect bites. Make sure you’re prepared by buying proper repellants and preventative measures before your trip.

#4 Is your immune system compromised? If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, have HIV or other immune deficiency disorders, you can be more susceptible to illness when traveling. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel. You can take precautions to stay healthy before your trip.

#5 Don’t drink the water. Actually this isn’t the rule in all countries. Many countries have perfectly safe drinking water; however, many don’t. If you’re traveling to a country with unsafe drinking water, make sure to drink only bottled water or carbonated beverages; avoid ice, eat only well-cooked foods and brush your teeth with bottled water.

#6 Be careful where you swim. Some countries, like Africa, have parasites in the water which can enter your skin; you don’t have to ingest them.

#7 Don’t travel when you’re feeling ill. If you’re not feeling well right before your trip, consider cancelling or postponing the trip. Travelers insurance can mitigate any financial loss. It’s better to be sick in your own country, in your own home and bed, than halfway around the world.

#8 Travel with a first aid kit. However, this isn’t your standard band-aids and antiseptic first aid kit, but rather the medicine cabinet kind. Pack cold medicine, pain relievers and any prescriptions you take regularly.

#9 If you don’t have medical insurance that covers you for overseas travel, consider getting a supplemental insurance policy that will cover you while you’re away.

#10 Make sure you have copies of your emergency contacts and important medical information. If you’re allergic to antibiotics or other medicines, make sure this is noted. If you have food allergies or other sensitivities, make sure this is noted as well.

Travelling is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons, explore other countries and just relax and enjoy yourself. Take these precautions to make sure you’ll be happy and healthy on your travels.