Some good experience using Flight Network


by Ching
(Ottawa, Canada)

I have had both very good and bad experiences when dealing with Flight Network advisers. Occasionally, I have had to deal with some with poor communication skills, who were not helpful in fulfilling my requests.

Fortunately, there were others who were efficient and courteous and did their job proficiently. I want to single out one such adviser, Robert. He was professional, polite and prompt in solving my problems.

I have booked tickets for 6 couples and I was notified of a change in flight for one couple. Wanting to stay together, we change all our flights to be with this couple.

Everyone received their ticket confirmations except for two couples. We waited for a couple of weeks before I called again for the ticket confirmation. After a couple of calls, Robert was the only one who could send me the tickets within minutes. Kudos to him.

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