Sell off vacations are horrible


by Kyle

I tried to book a vacation with them but the site did not load when I clicked the confirmation button. So I never got a confirmation page or an email confirming I book the Vacation. I continued to book a different vacation at an other site, which provided an immediate web confirmation and an email. Sell off Vacations sends me an email 3 whole days later confirming I was book on their vacation….I was shocked to say the least.

I called them immediately and explained the problem and how their web site did not complete the transaction on my end. After 1.5hrs on the phone I was told to call back the next day to speak to a supervisor. I call back the next day but was now told I have to submit it through the web site….so now I do that. I get an email from the same person I spoke to the second time….. still not a supervisor…!! That person was rude, spent more time talking then listening and never fully understood the problem.

I was going to be charged $150.00 + tax per person (X2) to cancel this trip for their mistake. I eventually called West Jet, as it was a west jet vacation, they cancelled it for me and waived half the fee even though it was not their mistake. I have to say as always West Jet was awesome…excellent customer service!!! I emailed sell off back letting them know what west jet did and said they could at least cover the other $75.00+ tax.

They now ignore my calls and emails. Sell off vacations are horrible and no cheaper then booking direct with the airline (i.e. West Jet). Everyone should avoid this company at all costs, they just want your money and have no intent of providing customer service.

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