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Before calling a travel agent we looked on line and found what we wanted and the prices we wanted. We decided to call Sears for arrangements and get the points from them. When I called I had to wait for a callback which they think is great service.

When I did get a call back I explained what we wanted and she began with lets start with the names on the passports. She did not pay attention to what we wanted and booked a room that we did not want and by the time she entered the info into the system the price had increased. We phoned back to confirm details but we did not get a call back.

The next morning I left another message and when she did call she had stated she had an emergency the night before and had not listened to the messages yet this morning.

Next day we phoned to confirm everything since she was not very attentive with us. My husband was upset when he found out that we did not receive the room that we wanted. She told him that the arrangements could not be cancelled.

After talking we decided we would take what she booked and when we phoned back we were told it was cancelled. I don’t know how that took place since she had said arrangements could not be cancelled.

I contacted the airlines to see if we could rebook. I had the name of the person who I talked to and they were very accomodating however we had to go back to Sears to have them call the carrier.

Reluctantly I did and the agent seemed to be on the phone with someone but not who I asked her to call. She told me a higher price that I had to pay when I was told it could be reinstated by calling the airlines themselves.

All the agent had to do was call the people I mentioned. I ended leaving very disappointed and wondering why I went to them. She even tried to sell another vacation to another area that we did not want.

I went back home and called once again to explain the problem. Funny enough they stated that the agent did not call them at all. Who was the agent on the phone to? Anyway I was able to recover my trip with them NOT SEARS.

The price was the same as the night before and I had wished I had called them directly in the first place instead going through the nightmare with SEARS TRAVEL.

Never ever will I trust a agent to book for me again. I will use the online service and phone number for correct and fast information.

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