Canada Travel Review

by Allen
(victoria, bc canada)

Over the past five years we have travelled all over mexico and to Punta Cana twice. We have booked all our trips with Lenora at Sears Travel in Victoria.

Lenora has now become not only our travel agent but, our travel adviser, and friend. She is very,very, very, good at her job and cares about every client she touches. She is extreamly knowledgeable and has travelled a great deal herself. She has taken care of everything required for us advising us on every step, and she cares weather your trip was good or bad.

We highly recommend that anyone who is in Victoria,BC or close by to just call Lenora at Sears Travel Victoria (tell her Al sent ya) and I assure you she will take care of everything for you.

Al Sturgeon
Victoria, BC

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  1. What a rip off

    I wouldn’t tell her that Al sent you, he is just looking for reference freebees. This guy is nothing and wont get you a better deal, just line his pockets

  2. Rose tinted review in Victoria BC

    I have used Sears Travel in Victoria in the past but not for many years. Their pressure sales to sell their travel insurance is bad enough but there is NO excuse for overcharging for taxes/fuel surcharges. Try booking a Victoria to Newcastle UK flight (via Seattle and Paris). Taxes/surcharges = $400+ quoted by Sears Travel. Now try any other online travel agent and get quoted approximately half! You had better know what’s available in charter flights, etc too because Sears will NOT quote you the lowest fare available even if you ask them to.

    No, you used to be able to trust Sears Travel but frankly I am surprised that Sears Canada aren’t more concerned with the business practices of Sears Travel. It is after all the Sears name that they sre using.
    Phil B.

    Victoria BC

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