Sears Travel Review

Canada Travel Review

by Judy O’Halloran
(Essex On Can)

Very satisfied with service of Sears Travel. The last resort we stayed in was the worst ever. NowI can’t seem to view to book a vacation package online

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  1. Don’t book rental cars from Sears Travel

    We did a considerable amount of research in to our holiday in Eastern Canada- looked at a multitude of websites/ airlines/ car rental agencies. Sears travel showed good flight fares & extraordinarily good car rental rates. We were interested in flying to Montreal & returning from Halifax. Sears showed no drop off charges- we thought it unusual but followed through the booking process- right to the credit card- it showed no drop off fees.

    Great! WE booked the flights based on that information & about a week later booked the car- gave the credit card- all done. Until an agent called to say the drop off fee was an exorbitant amount of money. We now need to change our flights to return from Montreal & Sears refuses to cover the fees to change the flights. They are not even willing to drop their OWN fees to re-issue the tickets. What do you think? Is this not false & misleading advertising? Don’t we have laws about this?

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