Sears Card holder

Canada Travel Review

by Mrs. Dagmar Cymbaluk
(Barrie, ON, Canada)

I was attemtping to book a flight with Sears travel, as I have done before, but this time I wanted to do so online. Imagine my surprise after filling out all the pertinent information upon finding the appropriate arrangements only to discover I was not able to use my Sears card to pay for the flight.

When I phoned the number for a representative to help with this issue, I was told that it would then cost me an additional $55.00 plus tax per ticket for their help. It would have been nice to know this information before wasting time looking for my flight.

I find it hard to believe that Sears, which offers travel service, would not accomodate their customers/card holders, by working with the airlines, particularly the Canadian airlines, to enable us, your customers, to take advantage of online booking using the card which you have provided.

Why bother having a web site entitled “Sears Travel”? The additional charge for the service of an agent then seems like a bit of a ‘hook’ (I don’t want to say ‘scam’) to force your online customers to actually need an agent. I would really like to see a change in this policy, as I do not use other credit cards.

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