Ripoff- Report them.


by Varsaw

They have the worst Customer Service. Hard Core Sales – pushy – Rude – Bad attitude. Long wait, long holds. They do not have Supervisors. They do not monitor their calls. A rep. call Jarrett told me to go back to me country, prick. If you don’t buy today they tell you to call back when you are ready to buy.

They ask you for a budget and if you go too low they tell you they don’t sell it there. If too high That’s what you will pay. The prices on the internet basically mean anything with the story that they don’t include the taxes. The web says to give them a code but it doesn’t mean anything to them.

They claim it is illegal to put the taxes on the internet. They invent whatever information they can come up to confuse you. AVOID this company at all cost. You’ll be better off going somewhere else. Awful!

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