Rebate Disappointment with Sell Off Vacations


by Carole

When we booked our 2009 Vacation through Sell Off Vacations, we were told we would get the best deal AND A $100. COUPON ($50. EACH)”TOWARDS OUR NEXT VACATION” as long as we booked through Sell Off Vacations…when the coupon arrived it had an ‘expiry date’ of 6 months hence! What is that all about?

How many people can afford to take more than one all inclusive week off each year? That was false advertising & not appreciated. My interpretation of ‘NEXT’ vacation, that does not have any expiry date attached to it.

I have tried several times (with no response) to inquire about this with no luck…

That does not leave a good feeling with me as I would expect some integrity from a large company like you who continues to make appealing offers to attract business away from the competition.

Carole Hobson

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