Problems with The Worry Free Vacation Security Plan

Canada Travel Review

by Dali
(London, Ontario)

The Worry Free Vacation Security Plan is everything but what advertises it to be. While booking, user is very much mislead to believe he/she can cancel his/her vacation and get their money back.

What they are not shown when clicking on the link that describes the plan itself is that even in best case, which would be them cancelling the trip 45 days in advance they will be charged a 250$ fine, plus the plan fee of course total of 140$ (per couple or more if more people are going), the math is you will lose 390$ which in most cases is half of the cost of the trip.

If you should cancel any time closer to 45 days to departure you will actually be refunded only half of your money, and actually not money they will send you travel vouchers that force you to choose sunwing again. Another catch is that these vouchers take six weeks to reach the customer. It is very sad to see Canadian companies operating in this way.

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