Problems with RedTag

Canada Travel Review

by Lynda
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

My RedTag Review:

We booked in July 2009 an all-inclusive room at the El Tukan in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Prior to booking we contacted RedTag and was told that immediately after booking we would receive our itinerary and invoice. We never received it.

We called them back, confirmed our booking, confirmed our contact info and was told that itinerary and invoice would be sent shortly. Never received….by this time, we are suspicious of this company, but how do you force someone to send you an email??? We called a third time, confirmed booking and once again…..confirmed our contact info. We were told that we would receive this invoice and itinerary the week of our trip.

We never received anything. Upon arriving in Mexico there was a huge problem with our booking (no surprises there). We tried calling the 1-800 number and that customer contact number can not be called outside of Canada. How unfortunate they dont tell there customers that!

We spent $60.00 USD calling their 1-416 number, but as strange as this sounds, we kept getting disconnected as soon as we told them the issue. We got disconnected three times!! I have to say, that later that week, we had not issues calling home. Only RedTag. We emailed them 3 times, they did not respond.

We have filed a complaint with the better business bureau, as well, we have filed a complaint with TICO.


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  1. Issues as well…..

    I had a similar issue last year with them, and yes, you cannot contact them on the 1-800 from outside canada. I now book directly with the airlines and with the hotels as well….

  2. Redtag – is it a fraud company?

    Hello to Lynda,

    I should have read your comments before booking with them.

    I made a flight reservation from Vancouver to Paris, with them a few days back. They charged my card immediately the full amount (some 1000CD$). The reservation still appears as “PENDING” and they mentioned in the “confirmation email” that they will call me on my phone number to verify. I never received any call from them. And to this day, I have not yet received my e-ticket number. As a result I cannot even contact the airlines to check if a reservation was REALLY made by them on my behalf.

    In the meantime, ticket prices have gone up. When I call them on their phone line, thy keep me on hold for 1 hour & then disconnect without notice.

    Can anyone advise how to stop operations immediately for this fraudulent company and bring the relevant insiders to justice? I am surprised that such a large-scale fraud company exists inside Canada!!!

    Thanks in advance,

  3. 1-800….

    Anonymous….1-800 numbers are territorial. There 800 number is good only for US and Canada…People should be made aware of this!

  4. Unethical company

    Booked an all inclusive vacation with redtag. The resort was in terrible shape and the food horrible, definitely not what was in the brochure. When we complained (us and about 30 others) about the conditions the redtag representative there saud that she could not do anything about it and to contact the company back in Canada. Redtag offered a 50 coupon on the next vacation as a response to the complaint. A terrible company that wants your money under false pretense. Buyer beware.

  5. Started Receiving Other Customer e-tickets & invoices

    I booked my first vacation with redtag 1-800 #, without any problem. The comment I have about this company, that I started receiving other customer
    e-tickets and their invoices to my personal in-box.

    I am sure the agents are not trained and not paying attention when sending customer information to 3rd party like me.

    Likewise, I do not want any of my personal information forwarded to others by mistake. Where by receive my travel dates, where I live, my phone number for security reasons.

    I am planning to make a formal complaint.

  6. Poor service and a major error

    I booked a flight to Puerta Vallarta for March 21-28/11 on Dec. 8/2010.

    I recieved an e-ticket advising that I would be flying on the above dates to a totally different destination.

    They have offered to give me some different dates but now I am out for three nights accomodation that I have already paid for which is $600.

    I will never use Red tag vacations again

  7. False Advertising

    They’re full of crap. I just went on their website to check a flight from Montreal to Lamezia Terme, Italy in Dec. the price is quoted as $55.58 + taxes. When I wanted to book it online it tells me I have to call them. I called them I got the around from one person to the other. Finally when I got through to someone (3rd person, she tells me very arrogantly a trip to Lamezia Terme will never be at that price. The price to go there would be like $1400. I didn’t need any idiot person telling me that. So that means that’s false advertising. This company is full of crap.

  8. Low Price Guarantee with Red Tag? Think Again!

    We had an trip planned to Las Vegas and saw the price lowered.Submitted my claim(LOW PRICE GUARANTEE). They said that on the return trip it wasn’t a Q but N confirmation.

    We paid 400 more than we should have – low price guarantee – Hardly!! False Advertising- A scam – Yes!!

  9. False Advertising

    Booked our first real vacation ever through Redtag. Beautiful pictures of a resort in Varadero with a huge pool, hot tub, pool bar, beach bar, and multiple restaurants.

    Arrived to find the resort under complete renovation (pool/cement being redone/hot tub leaned up against a tree/half the bars closed for renovations).

    Numerous complaints sent upon return; told they were forwarded. Talked to Sunwing in person after four months; no record of a complaint forwarded.

    Contacted Redtag again. Then received a response saying our room was moved so all was rectified at that time (room was moved due to a bug/insect problem).

    Complained again for obvious reasons, and was told that for what we paid, we got a vacation that was equivalent.

    I can not believe that this goes on with Canadian travel agencies. I seriously would never imagine that Canadians can be taken advantage of in this way/blatant fraud by a Canadian business.

  10. Cancellation of Hotel Booked with Red Tag

    Booked a Hotel in Calgary, one month prior arrival.
    Something came up a few days later and had to cancel.

    More then 3 weeks prior to arrival. They were very happy to cancel my reservation. However did not refund any of the paid amount almost $700.

    I was one of their loyalest clients for more then 4 years now, booking hotel, travel packages and flights.

  11. False advertisement of flight with Red Tag

    I have booked a trip from Toronto to Taipei and make sure to not choose 2 stops over on my way back home. I got the confirmation and invoice which said that I have one stop over in Japan. All seems fine for me except when I asked for the ticket, it then shows 2 stops : one in Japan and second in Calgary. I was very surprised because I was sure not to choose this flight. I called to inquire and surprise there was a actually 2 lines in the confirmation but but but there was a small mention at the end of first line saying (via YYC). for me this is misleading and cheating. Also the confirmation does not have any info about stop in Calgary. I remember there was a price difference between these 2 flights so basically I got scammed. They say I have to call air Canada and pay more to change the flight. This is the first and last time I choose to book with RedTag.


    we bougth the tickets to Europe and pay to rad tag but airline was change the schedule and redtag told us on last minute and make changes so we wait in airport connections 14 hours!!!! they told us if we want to better connections must to pay much more!!!

    If they sell something to people they must provide good fear service!!!

  13. Redtag Vacations

    I wish I would have read this first before booking my family trip 🙁 I just googled “redtag vacation scam” to see if thats what it is and clearly this company is not trustworthy!! We booked online for the first time ever as it was a Sunday night.. long storey short gave all our info out including credit card.. and now they send an email asking if so n so called to rebook us!! Why the heck would we rebook a cruise when we booked it already?? So please save yourself from a horrible experience and go directly with the cruise companies, I have now learned my lesson and will never book online again. My family and I are very disappointed and hope this won’t happen to anybody else.

  14. Clients who think they are travel agents

    Number 1 comment on cruise…everyone thinks they are travel professionals..that is why all our service fees and changes on dates with airlines and companies are so high now. Everyone thinks they are a travel expert. For the cruise people you cannot always go by the rate on the site.

    Sometimes clients are entitled to upgrades and other promotions such as senior rates, onboard credits,etc.

    Like the other comments saying they booked a 8day package but lost 1nt. Look at the times, if you have to fly late at night you still have to be out of your room by noon, so many people book the wrong durations on their holidays as they just click, click to book a trip but not clearly understanding what they are actually booking. It makes me laugh when all the comments and things that go wrong when it is the clients booking their own trips online..These people take up so much time of the travel agents because of their screw ups when they are doing their own bookings trying to fix the problem after booked..

    Get out the business you are not certified as agents..

  15. Red Tag

    My complaint with red tag or any other travel agency that endorses a trip package as a five star rating when actually it is more like a 2 star and get’s away with it and are not held accountable for it when brought to their attention

    This happened to us at the Rui Veradaro what a nightmare and to top it off we were told hey ” it’s Cuba” to be expected

  16. False advertising

    I booked a flight from Vancouver to Singapore that was advertise for $1947 (including tax) but was surprise to received an invoice for $2895.10. So I check the flight again and they advertised it for $1947 the same flight that I booked. When I called them to ask for the different in the advertised and the invoice I was told that they couldn’t confirm with the airline at the time of the booking. When I ask for a refund, they sent me an email with the charge of $284.75 for cancellation fees and it will take 2 weeks for the charge back which won’t give me enough time to book another flight using the same credit card. This is a total ripoff!

  17. Yes, they suck.

    Long story short..I booked a flight with Red Tag many years ago and their customer service leaves very little to be desired.

    I was stymied at every turn, treated rudely by the customer service rep and even the supervisor.

    The customer is always wrong. Don’t even bother.

  18. Site is still a scam

    I would be very careful when dealing with red tag. There site quotes prices nearly 50 percent less than they try to charge. When I called to inquire they say it’s likely the system hasn’t updated but should update in 3 to 6 hours. They want people to think airlines raise prices that much in a day. Keep in mind we we looking for tickets 4months in advance of our vacations. I won’t ever trust this company.


    Their travel agent booked us at the wrong hotel and we had to pay the costs associated with it. To make matter worse not one of the staff their admitted that they made a mistake. Never again!!!!!

  20. Terrible Experience I had with Red Tag

    If you value your money, time or overall sanity I would book directly with the airlines of your choice. I have never been so frustrated or felt as though I was being ‘taken’ for.

    Reps changed their answers on four different occasions and never discussed changes over the phone with me. I was always told I would receive an email or a follow up call once fares had been established. I was placed on hold for them to ‘investigate my file’ and when I followed up with the airlines to confirm mysterious fees that RegTag insisted was not their doing, the airlines (WestJet) had no idea what I was speaking of and confirmed that these fees were not from their end.
    To ensure WestJet is not tainted, the representatives for their airlines were very helpful and provided answers and references immediately…so I want to extend my thanks to them 🙂

    As a result of canceling flights for myself and two daughters (both minors) paid for a cancelation fee and was told that I had a credit to use within one year….. rebooking has been a nightmare. Apparently to use the credit on my own I would still have to pay transfer fees, rebooking and ticket issuing fees, taxes and a fare difference for all three of us, even though I would be the only person flying to use the credit. In numbers this means a $1000 credit is going to cost approx. $500 to use…that’s not with the difference in flight cost.

    Please save yourself the stress and loss of funds and go directly to the airlines or a more trustworthy agency. From what I can tell they want you to give up trying to use your credit in the year……very disheartening experience.

    Customer Service is Not the priority for this company.

  21. Red Tag accepts direct deposit for bookings going to Africa.

    It happens to me today. I booked a flight ticket for family emergency from my office and I got all confirmation.I took my vacation time according to my flight information. When I checked my email at home,I got e-mail sent by person Faye stated that “Your ticket has been cancelled and refunded. We only accept direct deposit for bookings going to Africa. Please rebook directly with Air Canada” which there is no option when I booked on online. the second email said “you are successfully cancelled your reservation” which I DO NOT.and in the same e-mail the refund will take from 5-10 business day for the refund.This is the worst experience I ever had in flight business. “direct deposit if want to travel in AFRICA” I need Answer why in Africa?

  22. Bait and switch with Red Tag

    Just booked a flight with Red Tag and received a great price. Paid for it and low and behold I received an e-mail claiming your new price has jumped 35%. They claim the “airline” increased their price but won’t tell you which airline but their web site (Red Tags) is live updated. I then pointed out that the same lower price is still on their site. What a scam!

  23. My Red Tag experience. Stay away

    I am writing this e-mail to express my extreme disappointment with the Red Tag agent I spoke to on January, 26-2017 whose name was Frances.

    I was given clearly false information and at this point I would like this matter dealt with immediately and would insist that I receive my money back promptly.

    I had called this agent to inquire about the pricing for an all-inclusive vacation to Riu Palace in Mexico on February 10-18 from Vancouver, B.C. I was told that I could purchase the tickets immediately as the purchase would include the Sunwing Price- Drop Money Back Guarantee, which would cover ANY changes to price up until the day of the trip. I had paid 1875 per ticket (I bought two tickets) and on Thursday, February 2nd, the price for this trip went down to $1715 per ticket. I tried to file a claim with Sun Wing to receive the difference in the amount but was told that Sun Wins cannot provide this as their Money Back Policy only extends to two weeks before the departure date. This was definitely NOT what I was told by this agent, and the only reason I bought the tickets at that time without waiting for the price to go down was because I was told that I could file for the money anytime before the trip. This information was not correct and I believe was told to me in order to make a sale and get me to buy the tickets at that time rather than later on. All this information can be confirmed by listening to a recording between myself and the agent where I was clearly told that I could receive a price adjustment anytime before the trip, not two weeks beforehand.

    I certainly do not appreciate being lied to and feel that this is very unprofessional

  24. Redtag changed my flight

    We booked a trip to Cuba two months ahead, 2 weeks before the trip they advised us the plane had a schedule change. We lost a day off our trip and they simply ignore the emails or the calls. So pretty much we swallow the loss and they keep the money.

    Maybe it was time for a change, Airbnb, here we come !

  25. Nothing has changed and BEWARE they are less than helpful. Booked a flight within Canada and they got name wrong on the ticket but are charging us to correct it. GO ELSEWHERE!

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