Wrong Directions from iTravel2000

Canada Travel Review

by Ozlem Kocer
(Ottawa, On. Canada)


Although itravel2000 agents sound like helping to the customer, they use the gaps in the policies for their benefits. And some of them can give you wrong directions just to provide an answer to your questions although they do not have any information on that issue.

I have booked four trips with itravel2000.com in the last 3 years. I did not call them for any of my questions for the first two trips. I had to call them for my last two trips.
I booked a trip to Disneyworld, Orlando in in August 2010. I booked my tickets 6 days prior to my trips. In their terms, it is written that the complimentary bus from airport to the Disney Hotels is not guaranteed if the booking is not 10 days prior to the trip.

I thought the only way to book the bus was through itravel2000. I called them, and they repeated this statement and the agent told me that she would call me back. Meanwhile I called the Disney hotel that I was supposed to stay and registered myself for the bus in a minute. I was eligible to get the bus for sure. I understand if itravel2000 says that they don’t take the responsibility to arrange it for the bookings in the last 10 days. Their statement is misleading. After I arranged the bus, I received a voicemail from itravel2000 agent. She said that there was no way to arrange the bus because I was too late.

But she had a very good deal on renting a car. She informed me about the taxi cost and the details of the rental deal that she had just to make it attractive. I was confused and I called the hotel again to confirm my bus arrangement. Then I called itravel2000, I was not able to talk to that agent. Meanwhile I asked the agent’s opinion on buying Disney park tickets online. He said that I would definetely save moneys if I would buy them online. i spent too much time on internet to see if there was any good deal for the park tickets. There wasn’t.

And I ended up buying wrong tickets which gave me a headache later on. When I was in Disney I realized that no matter where you purchase, the prices were fixed. That agent had no idea but he commented what he knew about internet shopping I guess.

I booked another trip yesterday. For my last 3 trips I received my e-tickets in the e-mail right after my booking. The ticket issue time was the same as the invoice time in muy past experience. I booked my tickets at 10am and checked my e-mails and the web site they provided. My tickets were not issued untip 3pm. I saw a $50 drop on the price and called itravel2000. She said that it was not possible to give a refund for the price decrease.

I understand that if they are firm on that since it is in the policy. I told her that my tickets were not issued yet. She asked my booking number to e-mail my tickets. When she went to that page, she asked me “Did you buy the tickets in the morning and the price dropped $50?” I said yes, and she put me on hold. Then she said “I did try, I did try, but it is not possible to give you money back”. When I received my tickets I saw the ticket issue time 15:30, not 10:00 am. I called them again, I asked for the manager, but they did not provide me manager’s contact information.

They asked me to call the supplier, Signature Vacations, instead. That made me suspecious if itravel2000 made a mistake to issue my tickets and realized it upon my call, and maybe somehow add the difference to their commission. If I did not call them would my tickets be issued or would I miss that deal? In that case would they direct me the website for the online tickets and would they be telling me “it is in the policy, it is your responsibility to follow up if your tickets are issued.”

I should have learned a lesson on my booking to Disneyworld. I will definetely not use itravel2000 and will not recommend that site to any of my friends. Besides, the other websites are much faster, and in better shape, and all bring the same results for the deals.

I don’t understand why I cannot talk to a manager on an issue. If they are sure about what they are doing is right, they must be confident to give me the contact info for the manager since s/he will tell me the same. And that way, I would not think if there would be some other things going on because of a few people who might be feeling smart and abusing the rules.

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