Not totally happy with Sears Travel


We are planning our first family trip to Disneyland and let me tell you I am only happy cause I know we are actually going. We booked with Smears Travel and as I read in another post we were qouted a price and later were told they made a mistake and the price was different.

Well we made changes to our trip and because of where we live we now have to spend the first night of our Vacation in an airport! Probably on the floor! Two Kids and Two ADULTS. I feel like an idiot for booking this trip with Smears Travel. Now when asked about trip and medical insurance we declined right away becuase of the price($500). 4 weeks before our trip I asked the manager how much the insurance would be minus the medical portion and she told me she did not know and that our agent would get back to us the next day.

The next day arrives and I check my email as I do everyday and there is an email from Smears Travel saying we were just billed $500 for the cancellation insurance by itself. Am I confused….. Well yes I am. Lets See. First medical and Cancellation insurance are $500 for both in total. Then later without medical and worst yet without my consent they purchase travel cancellation and do not even tell me they are doing it! I did not say purchase the insurance! And to top it all off they are giving us a welcome travel kit with lots of goodies.

Well, we will get it when they come into stock. Grrrr. You know, Communication was horrible, the staff were very pleasant in person but on the phone or in email contact they were not very proffesional. I will not book another trip with them, I will say that. Also when we booked our vacation I told the agent I wanted it to be a good memory for our kids I did not want to stay in one of the local hotels, we want the Disney experience.

We want a room with a view. Well I just got off the phone with our Disney Hotel and they told us our room was looking at the parking lot. I asked her if we could upgrade. No was the answer, she could not do it we need to talk to Smears Travel. Let me say. Right now I am ready to LOSE IT !!!!

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