‘Not a Priority’ Flight Network


by Leah

I needed to book a flight to Miami 5 days before boarding. I booked with Flight Network, as they could accommodate a date and time for a flight that would work ideally with my schedule. I followed be immediately booking a hotel in the Miami area.

24 hours later, now 4 days from my intended leave, I received an e-mail from Flight Network detailing the cancellation of my booking as it was no longer ‘valid’. After calling Flight Network to inquire, they simply stated that someone else had booked those flight seats before I had and there was ‘nothing they could do’.

I was not offered any comps or alternative options for being victim to their mistake. Flight Network had given another client priority over me – even though I had received a confirmation e-mail from Flight Network.

This is either a seriously over-looked gap in Flight Network’s customer service or a severe glitch in their online booking system. Either way, it cost me $500 in hotel cancellation fees as my entire trip was compromised due to flight prices skyrocketing after Flight Network had deemed my purchase ‘not valid’.

I will not be using Flight Network again.

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