Not a great experience with Bel Air Travel

Canada Travel Review

by Cindy

We had a VERY bad experience dealing with BelAir Travel in Winnipeg. The numerous issues that arose during our 3 day interaction with several of the agents at BelAir are too numerous to articulate here but I plan to document in a letter to whoever oversees the office in Winnipeg the concerns we had.

The manager of the office here, although asked 3 times, refused to provide the name of her superior only providing us with the website. I feel it is important that someone is informed of the inaccurate information, sloppy performance and inefficient service we received which ultimately resulted in a missed vacation opportunity!

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  1. DO NOT Travel with Bel AIR

    We recently booked our wedding vacation through BelAir in Toronto, along with 30 of our guests, only to find that whenever problems arose, they became our problem, not that of our travel agent. One of my guests travelled with her son alone and BelAir would not provide a kids package to her son, yet she had to pay extra for her to go alone with her son. Our whole group booked with them, giving BelAir a significant chunk of money, and they refused to send out tickets to all the customers. This might not have been too bad except they didn’t mail the tickets to myself until 3 days before we left for the vacation. They had months to prepare for this as the vacation had been booked 4 months in advance! They simply said it’s not their fault the mail system made an error!!! Uh, not!! They could’ve been more prepared and mailed them out after we were all booked!!

    Then when we finally got to our destination, we discovered our guests who travelled with teenage kids were booked into different buildings at the resort. Once again, BELAIR said its not their problem, despite the requests for adjoining rooms being given months in advance.

    They were unwilling to help with anything, unwilling to accept responsibility for their mistakes, and backed their workers 100% for their errors. IT was very frustrating and I will never book with them again. In fact, I told them this, and they said “ok!”

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