Nolitours to Varadero 2012

Canada Travel Review

by Amber
(Alberta, Canada)


I have booked 3 other all inclusive vacations before and have never had worse service than with Nolitour.

There was an issue with the flight from the start; we had booked on Oct. 1, 2011, and when we received our tickets in Jan. 2012 our 14 person group noticed that the flight had been changed from direct to non-direct. Not a huge issue but our original flight was still selling seats and the company would not give us any option to make arrangements to get on that original flight.

Also, when members of the group tried to contact Nolite, they do not answer the phone until you’ve been on hold for approx. 2 hours. They don’t respond to emails either. Then when we left on Feb. 20, 2012, the flight was delayed 2 hours, which they said was a computer issue but when passengers for the next flight showed up they seemed to all be working fine, go figure! The flight was good however and the flight attendants were excellent! The bus transfer to the resort also went smoothly, until we arrived and found out they were short 2 rooms! It was then 9pm and dinner closed in 30 minutes and all anyone had to eat from 7am until then were some eggs and possibly snacks purchased on the plane.

They offered to move us to another hotel for the night which we declined due to the aforementioned near starvation and bunked with other group members for the night. We were told we would receive a refund for the one night which has not happened, big surprise! Another note is that 3 of the rooms were only available for that first night and the occupants had to change by noon the next day and wait until 3pm for a new room!

Other than all of that, which has taken about 25 minutes to list, the resort was wonderful, friendly, clean, and safe. Will definately go back if I can book through someone else! The flight back was also good, other than than nobody could sit together, which happened on the flight down too but I had assumed was due to the delay. I can only assume that this is the norm unfortunately. Thank you for your time and hasta luego.



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