No Access for Trek Holidays?

Canada Travel Review

by Jake

There is no email address or office location address provided which adds consideration for a person needing to access them for business inquiry reasons or even travel as well as adding general credibility to a credible web site of information and options.

Hi Jake,
We looked on Trek Holidays Site and they do provide a phone number. Their tours can only be booked through a travel agent and so they provide a search on their site for that. They go on to say:

As you will discover our staff have been to over 100 countries around the world. Our reputation has widened and strengthened, since we began in 1972, becoming Canada’s largest wholesale adventure travel company.

We work in conjunction with travel agents across Canada to prepare you for your arrival in a new destination with our own personal experiences, videos, pre-departure booklets as well as reading lists.

Fly From Canada staff

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