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Newfoundland is the most easterly province in Canada. Newfoundland tourism is popular because Newfoundland is filled with friendly people, great food, and exciting entertainment, and it also has a rich and detailed history. Tourism in Newfoundland is only just getting the promotion it needs. However, visiting Newfoundland is on a roll and travelers from across the globe are flocking there.

This windswept and wave pummeled land, with its many isolated spots, has an abundance of opportunities both for watching sea birds and hiking and has given impetus to visit Newfoundland. Especially notable for hikers is the 520 km (323 miles) long East Coast Trail. Winding its way around Newfoundland, this trail mostly keeps to the scenic coastal areas, providing hikers with astounding ocean views and challenging cliff-edge walks. The trail winds past many active and abandoned towns and communities, across a suspension bridge and pays a visit to The Spout, a wave-powered geyser.

Newfoundland tourism has started diversifying into eco-tourism. Baccalieu Island and Witless Bay ecological reserves off the Newfoundland coast are worth a closer look. Although not accessible to humans, both reserves are home to hundreds of thousands of sea birds, especially puffins and storm petrels. There are several tours in the area, which take visitors for a closer look at these seabirds, and a chance to marvel at just how much noise a million birds can make!

Twillingate Island NewfoundlandA more unique activity, which has recently become a specialty of Newfoundland tourism, is iceberg watching. Visible from many shores, these mammoth floating ice formations visit Iceberg Alley each spring and summer, and are best viewed on the east and north coasts, and especially from Twillingate Island. There are also many tours offered, which allow visitors to get closer to both the giant icebergs and their smaller counterparts. The waters of Newfoundland are also the haunt of many whales, and it is likely that one or two of the playful animals will be sighted either on an iceberg or on a whale watching tour.

For these reasons and many more, tourism in Newfoundland is gradually picking up. So many visitors come to Newfoundland not knowing much about the place, or what to expect but in the end leave with a smile on their face and many wonderful memories.

Newfoundland tourism is not just about the outdoor adventure enthusiasts, fishers and hunters and the travelers, it also is attracting tourist who are looking to travel and explore unique destination, or a different kind of place to have a meeting, or who enjoy the unique culture of the people who live here, or who are seeking other types entertainment that Newfoundlanders have made into their own art form.

Newfoundland tourism is a growing and important industry not to mention an obvious one when you consider what Newfoundland has to offer.

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