Major Issues with Travelocity


by Harry

I’ve used Travelocity many times without incident, however, if you ever have an issue that needs to be dealt with, god help you.

We were in Europe during spring and were caught-up in the ash clould debacle. Trying to escape, i booked 3 one way tickets from Barcelona to Rome. With my luck, the airport was closed and our flight cancelled so we had to retreat to our hotel. I’ve been back for over 2 months and am still waiting for a refund.

Travelocity was somewhat helpful at first, telling me that i had to contact the airline directly for a refund. I filled out the online refund request 2 months ago and haven’t heard a peep. Today i finally got fed up and called the airline office in europe.

They told me that travelocity was my agent so i need to get a refund through them. When i called travelocity, they said that wasn’t the case and i needed to go to the airline. When i repeatedly told the agent i had already done that he hung up the freaking phone!!! I will never book with them again!!

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  1. I concur

    I just had a similar experience. Travelocity told me to deal with airline, after calling airline I was told to talk to the agent who sold my fair. Travelocity responded that they don’t have my file since the trip was completed!!! Those guys have no physical address, call centre is somewhere in Asia and calls are being dropped all the time. Stay away from those guys…better to pay a few extra $ to the airline and not to have to deal with the crooks.

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