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itravel2000 is one of Canada’s largest online travel retailers. This Canadian travel company has adapted well to the internet travel world from their original roots as a walk in travel agency and has been in business since 1994. Marketing has a lot to do with it, almost everyone has heard the owner Jonathon Carroll on the radio or TV hawking yet another great deal, but there is substance behind it all.

The itravel website lets you choose from where you are departing and  you can book flights, vacation packages, hotels, cars, and cruises – online or by phone across Canada. Some of their most popular destinations from Canada include Cancun, Punta Cana, Varadero and Las Vegas.


itravel2000 Deals and More

There are many special deals and promotions available from Canada last minute deals, to Sunquest Vacation specials and many others.

This Canadian online travel site was a pioneer in the online travel industry by creating their own in house proprietary software, it allows you to shop for and book travel in four easy steps with the best selection and lowest prices guaranteed. Try shopping for a flight, package holiday, cruise, hotel or car rental and see how easy it really is.

Plus, you can collect or redeem Petro-Points. itravel2000 has now launched an exclusive Travel Deals Site for Petro-Points members. Petro-Points members can collect 10 points for every dollar spent at Petro-Canada Gas stations, and have the ability to redeem their points with on travel  packages, flights, cruises, hotels or for car rental. itravel has also added a special reservations line only for Petro-Points members to use if they want to redeem their points.

The site makes planning any type of travel to Florida easy with their new online “Florida Superstore”. Customers can find the best travel deals for Florida vacations and check out the Popular Florida Destinations for great value on packages in select Florida Vacations.

Another resource has when looking for deals is their Best Price Calendar, this feature allows you to search the best deals on various destinations for a month at a time.

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What we like

Very comprehensive site, lots of choice, good breakdown of east and west departures, lots of sepecial deals and variety.

What we thought could be improved about itravel

There is so much the site itself can be a little overwhelming at first and can be slow during busy times.

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What Other Visitors Have Said About iTravel2000

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Heads up on Itravel2000
ITravel2000 is a subsidiary of TravelZest: I complained and made a suggestion that ITRAVEL2000’s agents should …

Crappy Service – I would NOT recommend booking with itravel!!
We have booked an extended-family vacation for 11 people, once our trips were booked and paid for we have had absolutely no customer service. We were …

Cannot believe iTravel2000 is in business
This is an itravel2000 Review: In arranging a trip to Disneyworld we had pointed out a deal, through Disney, to a friend that would also be going around …

Do no use iTravel2000
The service was horrible. They wrote down the wrong e-mail address and I didn’t get my invoice until 3 days later when I had to tell them the correct one. …

iTravel 2000 is a Great Site – itravel2000 Review
I have booked on line and by telephone with itravel2000 and been really pleased with the service and the price.

Do not use itravel2000
This is my itravel2000 Review: First all inclusive family vacation ever and I made the mistake of booking to the D.R. with itravel2000 in 2002. Paid …

My itravel2000 experience
Book with your own local travel agent or airline, have them price match. But don’t book with itravel I said I would never book with them again and I did, …

Toronto to Europe with ITravel2000
I booked Toronto to Vilnius Lithuania late Fall 2011. When I booked the printout stated I would get business class on the way over. I booked it even though …

Far from perfect – itravel2000 Review:
I booked two return flights from Canada to the UK over the telephone. Not sure why I didn’t just book online…. The telephone operative was pleasant enough, …

Itravel 2000 sucks!
The web site is not reliable and rep is not responsible… after I confirmed my flight and paid online, my flight was changed from a Non-stop 4 hours flight …

I like itravel 2000
Today it is my 25 time I book with itravel2000, yes I had some errors and misspelings but a short phone call is all it took to correct it …

ITravel2000 – Third time is a charm!!!
Brisas Del Caribe has not changed much over the last 3 times we’ve holiday in Varadero, Cuba. First time was in 2009 with our daughter & family. Had some …

Never book with iTravel again
We booked an all inclusive Holiday with itravel2000 with the expectation of having a great and relaxed holiday time, but to find out at arrival in the …

No problem with itravel
some people just like to complain and if you are a negative person, you will find a lot to complain about. cheer up and enjoy life thanks

Poor Support and Wrong Directions from iTravel2000
Hi, Although itravel2000 agents sound like helping to the customer, they use the gaps in the policies for their benefits. And some of them can give you …

Disappointed with Service from itravel
Was the first time using and will never do so again. We are travelling as part of a wedding, leaving from a different destination than …

Dealing with itravel2000 – itravel2000 review
Trying to book online, the site had a problem processing our booking to Maui. We called and spoke to a representative who proceeded to take our information …

Do not travel with I travel 2000
I book vaccation package with on June 18 for a week in Disney Orlando, once I paid out after that their customer service representative …

The Out Of Towners
March 2010 booked with itravel 2000 what a mistake.Booked a direct flight from Vancouver to Las Vegas on US airways. Flight changed a few weeks before …

Slightly mislead with iTravel2000
overall good experience. was miss lead on what i was paying for. was told i was getting superior ocean view room. this was not true as per the resort. …

Happy with itravel2000
We have used itravel2000 many times and have been extremely happy with the results. We have booked trips to Europe, Mexico, and Cuba. The prices were …

Good price no follow-up service with itravel2000
We booked a group trip (34 travellers) for New Years 2008. We had booked our trip with a travel agent from iTravel2000. Once the trip was booked and …

Lousy Agent but Good Customer Care with iTravel2000
My agent was quick to find us a flight but once all was booked she totally forgot who I was. After 2 calls asking for invoices for the flight booked for …

Very happy with iTravel2000
My wife and I book our trip every year with iTravel2000. I find they have the best rates and have never had a problem with them. I am however an avid traveler …

Itravel will promise the world 
Itravel will promise the world until the have your money, you are then the proverbial dog poo on the shoe. If you book your trip with iTravel2000 you …

Good experience with iTravel2000
We had a good experience with itravel2000 from booking till end of holiday in Sandals Hicacos Cuba in April 2008.As a result we will use this Company for … – itravel2000 Review
I haven’t been able to access their website for two days. Certainly not a reliable website for frequent business travellers & I won’t waste my time going …

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Easy Booking Process
Good Prices
Customer Service
Offers Travel Deals
Lots of Vacation Options
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  1. During the last few weeks every time I check a price with Itravel2000 it is advertised the same as others but when you press to confirm for a vacation package the price always goes up. I can understand this happening once in a while but it is all the time or it says the package is no longer available. Don’t want to waste my Petro points on a vacation package if all I’m doing is giving them away in the end.

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