Issues with Booking Through Sears Travel

Canada Travel Review

(calgary, Alberta )

My husband, baby and I were planning a trip to Africa in March 2009, we went along and booked through Sears Travel online, chose the flights we wanted (Air Canada and Virgin Atlantic) and were very happy at first with what we got.

Everything seemed to go well, we had our itineraries issued. A month later, we received a call from one of the sears travel consultant (name withheld) saying our return flight (Virgin Atlantic) was cancelled, and without any options, having any say, they booked us on Kenya Airways as the departure plane.

I’m sure there are other options in terms of the departing carrier, but Sears won’t give us any options.

With almost 2 weeks to our trip, this has remained unsolved, as we have had no luck in changing our flight options, nor will they cancel and refund our money back.

To make it worse, to speak to the same consultant, is an issue as he is so rude, won’t listen and just hangs up every time we try to call to find out where we stand.

At this point, all they have to say is: take it, or leave it, but they can’t do anything about it.



  1. Re-thinking about Booking with Sears Travel

    I was planning a trip through Sears Travel. I am concerned about every dollar I earn and spend and this tells me Sears may not care about my business. Thanks for the heads up.

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