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Canada Travel Review

by Heather
(Kamloops B.C. Canada)

I am so impressed with the service I got from I talked with Marlene when I booked our trip to Jamaica. We have never booked online before and were sceptical but she was awesome. Very informative and I could understand her and the experience was stress free.

She informed me that I could look around for medical insurance but if I wanted to get it through them to phone back and someone would help me with it. I phoned back the next day and ended up getting Marlene again which was rare and a nice surprise.

We went through it without a hitch and everything was sent and we are covered. I also had a question about our rooms and she told me to phone back tomorrow as the Nolitours was closed for the day. I said goodbye and about an hour later, Marlene phoned back and had my question answered with doing a little digging on her own.

That is good customer service!! I am very impressed and wanted to share my positive experience as I am sure the negative ones get shared more. Thank you Marlene I hope the rest of the trip goes as well as the booking. Customer service is appreciated and must be recognized when you get it because it doesn’t happen very often anymore.

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