Horrible customer service with Travelocity!

Canada Travel Review

by bea
(winnipeg, mb, canada)

If you’re considering booking with travelocity, save yourself some trouble and go somewhere else. They have the worse customer service ever!

I booked a flight a while ago and now need to make changes to it, and after being on hold for 2 hours and speaking with a guy who could not speak enough english to be working at a call centre, I was told they could not change my itinerary.

I then phoned the airlines to check if they could do it, and they both said there were seats in the flights I wanted but could not make any changes because I had booked through travelocity.

I tried phoning again and this time I got a rep. who sounded like she knew what she was talking about. After about an hour between being on hold and speaking with her, she told me the changes (to which she had given me a price for already) could not be made. I asked what the reason was and she simply said it could not be done. So far I have had no luck.

I will keep trying to get it changed or at least get a reason why I can’t change my flight, but I will never buy anything from travelocity in my life, and I do not recommend it to anyone…

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