Horrible customer service from flight centre

Canada Travel Review

by Bryon

We had contacted an agent named Romina from flight centre to set up a couple vacations and set up a time to come in. upon arrival she scammed us unto purchasing half our trip and then told us she didn’t have time to deal with the rest of our trip.

Basically just getting the quickest commission she could and then leaving us out in the cold for the rest of our vacation. I made a formal complaint to flight centre and still have not received anything from them.

Worst customer service EVER please don’t use these guys they don’t deserve your business!



  1. Do not book your travel with flight centres

    I had the same experience recently. It appears that the agents not only do not care and do the least they can get away with, but also make mistakes, and use every cunning way to pass it on to the customer.

    Please do not use the flight centre offices, you save yourself a lot of money by booking on line!!

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