Honeymooners with a bitter taste left after poor service

Canada Travel Review

by Mrs Mills

We took our honeymoon in May to the Dominican. We booked through one of the flight centre stores because we wanted to make sure we would get everything perfect and avoid any online errors.

The rep at the store rushed us through and accidentally gave us the wrong itinerary for our flight.

When we showed up for our flight (3 hours early) they were about to close the gate to the plane. Luckily we made the final boarding … But my luggage didn’t. I spent the 1st two days with nothing. I bought the basics and a bikini from the gift shop.

Luckily for flight centre their 3 party accounting firm doesn’t recognize the receipts we received from the shops there. After 4 months of fighting to get some answers from them they said they would give us a $100 voucher with them on our next trip. Sadly we will only get one honeymoon and will never use their service again. Buyers beware!

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