Home Safety Tips When Going on Vacation

Home Safety Tips

Before leaving for that trip, you might want to read these home safety tips. Making sure that your home is safe and secure is one of the most important priorities for many families, especially when away from your home. You must do all that you can do to ensure that you set up the best security precautions to ensure that you deter any potential risks. Consider these five strategies for home security while preparing for your vacation.

Install a Safe

If you own significant valuables that are stored in your home, enlisting a company that specializes in vault services DC can add an extra layer of protection. This can add an additional level of assurance for even the most determined offender.

Your Yard Should be Part of your Home Security Preparation

The outside of your home can play a big role in hiding bad behavior. Landscaping can be beautiful and add curb appeal but it can also conceal. Consider reducing your tall greenery and instead plant shorter, less concealing landscaping.

A Security System is the #1 Home Safety Tips

Consider installing a security system in your home to add an extra precautionary measure. Whether you have motion detection, passcodes or security cameras, these offer protection in the case of emergencies. Instead of installing the sign offered by your security company, consider a nondescript sign indicating that your home is protected, as this will keep criminals from knowing how to hack into your system.


Lighting can influence your security level and discourage curious criminals. A level of darkness that can mask identities and shadow ill-intent can be mitigated with an outside motion-activated lighting and timed lighting of your home.


Your community will be a big influence on safety and security of your home. By having people who know what normal looks like in the neighborhood, they can also spot slight abnormalities. Consider starting a neighborhood watch group to create a sense of security and community within your area. Make sure you leave your contact information with a trusted neighbor before going away.

Safety is critical in your home and you deserve to feel guarded in your space. Consider installing these defense precautions so that you can know that even if you are feeling unsure, you have the best measures in place to ensure your family’s well-being. Vacation proof your home so you can relax while you are away.