Goway Travel Company Review

Goway Travel Company Review

Goway Travel is the company for you if you are looking forward for a tour in Australia, Asia or Africa. This Canada tour operator is a premier travel company in the Canadian travel industry. The company was started nearly forty years ago.

Initially they specialized in fun travel for the below thirty people and organized overland adventure tours in Africa and Asia. This was augmented when they introduced the mini bus tours of North America. They also started operating bus tours through South America. All this established Goway Travel as the country’s largest tour operator in the South Pacific. They also have their fully owned office in Australia. The strength of this Canada travel company is their staff and their commitment to satisfy their customers. They offer past, present and future globetrotters with exciting range of travel ideas.

Goway TravelThe online site of Goway Travel is like a dream come true for anyone who loves to travel. They have categorized everything so that you have no confusion in finding your choice of travelling. This Canada travel site offers a different home page for each of the continents/region they provide tour to. There you can find all the detailed information about vacations and tours that Goway Travel offers.

When you book through them you can choose from destinations all over the world. You can also get quotes about different vacations from their online travel site. They also give you some great deals in their specials section. If you travel in groups then there are some more benefits.

Goway Travel is licensed under the proper legislation so you have nothing to worry when you book here. They are one of the oldest travel agencies in the country and that means you can rely on their experience. They always try to better ways to serve you better.

Most of their staff has travelled extensively to all the destinations they cover and always give you a very high level of success. They are not part of any large impersonal business corporation so you never feel alone when you travel with them. Another advantage is that they have dedicated representatives in the locations in Australia, Asia, South Pacific and Africa. Every passenger is important to them and they will do everything to get their satisfaction.

Click here to go to the Goway Travel website.

What I like about this site:

They really have lot of options for every kind of vacation.

 What I do not like about this site:

They do not have any online booking system.

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