Got Hung Up on With TripCentral


by Amir
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

I have made arrangement to go to Mexico. Due to Swine Flu I contacted their call center to address my concerns, after 5 minutes talking and trying to explore my different options, the customer representative Mike advised me that he can’t do anything about my travel because I did not buy insurance (although WHO has advised not travel to Mexico) and he said if anyone is going to pay for this situation, it would be you as a customer.

I told him the flights are canceling and hotels are not supposed to serve customers, why I have to do this, he advised that he can t help me and I should call the tour operating company (Sunquest). I had called sunquest earlier and they forwarded my call to their message box to be answered later. Long story short, Mike told me I have to call Sunquest and HUNG UP ON ME…. I called to speak to Manager, Mark and he refused to talk to me and commented that his job is to manage his staff and not to talk to clients….

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