Good price no follow-up service with itravel2000

Canada Travel Review

by Mike Weber
(Ottawa, Canada)

We booked a group trip (34 travellers) for New Years 2008. We had booked our trip with a travel agent from iTravel2000. Once the trip was booked and paid for on the 31st of October to take advantage of all the different discounts, we could not get a hold of our travel agent to do simple things like pre-seat selection.

After many email and voice mail, we finally got the agent to contact us. They had mentioned that booking as a group, we would automatically be seated togheter. When we got to the airport, no seat selections where reserved for the group. We had to negotiate seatings just to be seated with our children.

Upon return, we contacted iTravel2000 and no excuses where given to the travellers. Needless to say, that paying the extra $20 per person for real service is the way we went for Spring break and hour New Years travel reservation for our group. None of us have purchased a trip through iTravel2000 since.

Pay the extra $20 through a local travel agency. At least if they don’t return your calls you can always walk in their office.

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