Gala Travels Reviews

Gala Travels Reviews

Gala Travels is a travel agency based in Toronto, Canada. It is owned and operated by a family. They have been in the business of Canada travel since 1979. They pride themselves in being affiliated with IATA or the International Air Transportation Association, BBB or Better Business Bureau, ACTA or the Association of Canadian Travel Agents and TICO or the Travel Industry Council of Ontario. They also are very proud that they do not any bad reputation among the Canada Travel Community. They even have an A+ rating with the BBB.

Gala TravelGala Travels began with their office just as consolidators for Canada travel. They have been chosen by over 50 of the World’s leading Airlines as an appointed agent. With this they have been given rights to resell the airfares to Travel Agents and other retail Canada Travel websites. This is where it gets good. With that, the customers will have the advantage of having airfares with the lowest rates ever possible.

They also have a huge inventory of airlines along with their favorite regular and low cost ones. They can reserve you a seat with no obligation fees up to 24 hours. After that, you will have a seat that you wanted, guaranteed. The online Canadian travel agency has different options that you can choose from for vacation packages.

They also have individual options and discounts to choose from like discounted seats, hotel reservations and cruise reservations if you want to avail for one. There is also travel insurance that you can get. The best thing about their vacation package option is you can create your own package. You can choose some other options like beachfronts, wedding or a spa if you wanted. This is how they give quality service to their customers.

If you are planning to travel in group, this is great Canada travel agency to contact. You can ask for a quotation without any obligation to see if that matches your criteria. You can book just the flight or just the hotel or can go for an all inclusive package. This Canadian online travel site offers other facilities as well like the Mileage rewards on certain airlines. They also provide airport parking coupons for Toronto.

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 What we like about Gala Travels

The customizable vacation packages that you can take advantage of are the best feature of this website. It just means that you have the freedom to do anything of your package or you can just follow the preset ones if you can’t choose one.

 What we thought could be improved about Gala Travels

More options could be added to their vacation options. As it stands it does not have more variety, they all have general options. They do not have unique ones for each destination.

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