FlightNetwork, terrible service


by Robert
(Nelson, BC)

My wife and I booked through FlightNetwork last May for February 1st from Castlegar to Vancouver to Kona Hawaii, return April 1st from Kona to LAX , Vancouver, to Castlegar.

Arriving in Castlegar for outbound flight, we were informed by Air Canada counter staff that a flight time change occurred in early summer on the United/Air Canada flight from Kona to LAX, the consequence of which was that there wouldn’t be enough ground time in LA for us to make the Vancouver connection.

I tried phoning FlightNetwork from the Castlegar airport only to be put on hold for over 1/2 hour and had to disconnect due to boarding flight to Vancouver.

Arriving in Vancouver, I tried phoning FlightNetwork again and after about 15 minutes again on hold, got a company rep who informed me that she was only weekend staff and couldn’t make any flight changes, but she leave a note for the weekday staff who would contact me and make the requested change. That never happened. Not hearing from anyone, I sent an e-mail to FlightNetwork outlining the problem and requesting a flight change. I heard nothing back.

Several days later, I sent another e-mail. Again no response. I then made a series of phone calls to FlightNetwork office in Oakville outlining the problem and asking for a flight change. Upon each occasion, I was told by the representative that it was company policy not to make flight changes until no more than two days before the scheduled departure.

I pointed out to the company rep that such a policy would likely mean that the flight we needed would be booked. After about the third or fourth call to the company rep, most calls followed up with e-mails, still nothing was done, but was told that “a block of seats had been set aside on the Air Canada flight for FlightNetwork from Kona to Vancouver” and that we’d be given two of those seats, but no electronic confirmation nor e-tickets were sent.

Not being satisfied with that response, I phoned Air Canada, informing them of the problem. The agent made our requested ticket changes as I spoke to her on the phone. She also told me that we’d been, in her words, “ill used” by FlightNetwork and that there was no reason why their representative could not have made the flight changes we’d requested at the time the requests were made.

She also stated that FlightNetwork had no block of tickets set aside on the Kona/Vancouver flight and, yes, the flight would have been booked if we had waited any longer making the booking.

After speaking to the Air Canada agent and within minutes, having received confirmation of the flight change, I phoned the FlightNetwork rep telling him that the change to our tickets had been made. His reply was, “See. I told you we would make the change.” I told him that it was Air Canada that had made the change, not FlightNetwork and that according to Air Canada, he had not been truthful with me about there being a “set aside” block of tickets on the Kona/Vancouver flight and that I felt sorry for him that it seemed that in following company policy and not change our flights, he felt it necessary to lie to me.

Returning home from Hawaii, I e-mailed FlightNetwork detailing the problems we’d experienced. I received a very nice reply which made no apology for the frustration they’d caused us and basically repeated the same nonsense that their representative had given me as reason for not making our requested flight changes, even though FlightNetwork would have been given months of notice by AirCanada about the United/Air Canada flight time change.

They offered a $50.00 rebate on our next flight booked through them which I told them we’d not use. They replied again with a $75.00 rebate which I ignored. Needless to say, we’ll never book with FlightNetwork again.


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