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Instead of me going over a lengthy story; here is a short version, if a passenger has to make changes to an already purchased flight ticket, consumer has to pay, at the same time, if Flight Network makes a mistake and not airline or any other parties, shouldn’t the consumer be credited with similar amount that Flight Network charges to make changes?

Isn’t it a fair request? When corporations make fine print policies and don’t even explain them clearly to consumers but charge as they feel like but on the other hand, when consumers are suffered by corporations’ mistake, who protects consumers? Why there’s no such fair deal?

In my case, Flight Network made a mistake and the flight I purchased was invalid, the day before the flight date, until I called airlines and Flight Network back and forth, nobody notified me, even funny is I had to call them and explain to them about the issue and then they come back and said the flight I purchased was invalid, simple question is if it’s invalid, why Flight Network sold the tickets to me?

Why I had to compromise a new flight time just because of Flight Network’s mistake?

Interestingly, I had to ask for compensation and guess what they come back 2 days after couple of e-mails, sent me a $50 e-coupon, can I do a flight change with $50? FN charges like $200-$300/ticket for flight change whereas I purchased 2 international tickets worth close to $2500 and compensation I received was $50 e-coupon. I sent them reply saying I’m not accepting it until I get a fair compensation.

As expected nobody followed up afterwards. I’m not going to stop here, I will never purchase anything from Flight Network and will spread the news to make sure consumers are aware of their behavior. Even if people who had good experience with Flight Network, I ask them one simple thing, would you agree with my fair compensation request?

What irritates me is that we consumers have to suffer both financial and emotional loss while corporations make huge profits without even acknowledging their mistake.

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