Flight Centre Lack of Information


by Gail Mackie

My daughter in Calgary Canada is having heaps of trouble with the Calgary flight centre.Shebooked a flight for her family of 6 to fly to Australia.

She was not told the economy seats that they booked her was the lowest level V and it did not give her any security for missed flights or any unforseen curcumstances plus no frequent flyer points. Money was not an issue as these tickets were paid by her husbands company she even paid for her baby so she could have an extra seat.

She was not told these tickets offered no security and no frequent flyer points. The fare came to over $15,000 and she at least expected to gain frequent flyer points. She found the consultant deceptive and of little help.

Travelling with four young children a higher level of ecomomy would of been more suitable. Now they are asking her to prove a quote from Singapore Airlines after 4 months.

Flight Centre should have more informative with the information they gave her when she booked the flight with them.

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