Flight Centre fiasco…..!!!!!


by Su-Mari

I’ve been flying long haul flights with Flight Centre yearly for almost 10 years. Therefore, when we decided to get married we thought flight centre would be a great wedding registry so that we could pay for a couple of flights home (Vancouver to South Africa).

I went in personally to set it up, after a month off silence I learned that they never set it up. After another couple of weeks emailing them they manage to set it up but spell my last name wrong. After i informed them of this they said i must have spelt my own name wrong!!!!!!!!!!

I threatened to cancel my registry but the manager in charge of wedding registries in Vancouver phoned and offered me a $200 discount which i declined and then went on to promise that she will personally find me the best deal EVER on my next flight to South Africa.

I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt as everyone makes mistakes and kept my wedding registry with Flight Centre.

I emailed the manager a couple of days ago with my dates. She phoned me back saying the cheapest flight is for $2100. I jumped on the computer and confirmed a flight myself through flight network for $300 less in about 10 minutes…. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

If you are tempted to do a wedding registry through flight centre…DON’T!!!
And if you are tempted to fly with Flight Centre…. DON’T!!!

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  1. Flight centre wedding is AWFUL

    PLEASE save yourself all the agrevation that i have had, the flight centre wedding group is the most unorganized unprofessional group of women i have ever met in my life. They DO NOT give you the best deals, they deny everything they have done wrong.. terrible service, terrible everything.. the only good thing about the whole process was the wine in the initial interview… BRIDES beware.

  2. Agreed

    i cancelled my entire wedding because of the incompetence of the Flight Centre’s Wedding’s & Honeymoon staff.

    I was a true Flight Centre customer until i dealt with this office. I’ve been around the world twice and a whole lot of places in between using the Flight Centre, but when I went to make the most important booking of my life, I was unfortunate enough to choose the Wedding & Honeymoons department Vancouver. I know what I’m doing when booking travel and making reservations abroad, to my dismay they did-not! My heart is broken but the stress from them releasing my rooms the day they received the 10 deposits, to the casual attitude they had when the date of flights changed (making our guests leave the morning after the wedding), to the absolute denial of any fault or liability on their part when my cousin tried to book with our group to find out all of the rooms in our group were gone. I couldn’t take anymore and cancelled the whole thing and blame the flight centre for the entire fiasco, they ruined my wedding day. This was worst experience of my life. My father wouldn’t have even been able to attend because the rooms had been released??? Nonsense! 12 month advanced notice was clearly not enough time for them to get organized. In my opinion this is where the flight centre’s banished lowest grade staff stay, they’re soooo completely inept in business and customer service, something needs to be done. There’s so many blogs like this around, I hope someone in Flight Centre Corporate catches on and does something… BEWARE! DON’T USE THIS OFFICE.

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