Far from perfect – itravel2000 Review:

Canada Travel Review

by Jilly
(Medicine Hat, Alberta)

I booked two return flights from Canada to the UK over the telephone. Not sure why I didn’t just book online…. The telephone operative was pleasant enough, but after 24hrs I still hadn’t received my email confirmation, invoice or ticketing information.

I telephoned her direct line and left a message but did not hear back so telephoned customer service who then emailed it out to me. Secondly, the operative did not redeem my Petro-Points on the purchase as agreed so I didn’t save any money and it would appear that she did not enter my Petro-Points details at all, so neither did I earn any points.

Think I’ll stick to what I know in future and do things online, at least it reduces the risks of errors by eliminating the use of a human being.

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