False Advertising – Bait and switch? – TripCentral


by Bill
(Red Deer, Alberta)

In plain language, I did not receive what I was promised. The deal was changed after I paid my money.

Tripcentral specifies the packages as based on the number of DAYS.

Tripcentral advertised BOTH 7 day and 8 day vacations to the Mexican resort. Each of these were 7 night trips.

I paid a HIGHER amount for the 8 day trip.

I wanted the 8 day trip. I paid for the 8 day trip.

Unfortunately we received a 7 day trip!

The tour company unilaterally changed the departure times to and from Mexico to shorten the trip by a FULL DAY.

Although I relied on the ‘8 day’ trip duration (as advertised), and was very disappointed to find out that we would have a shorter trip than hoped.

I have been since informed by Tripcentral that the advertisement of the 8 day trip was an error. Perhaps it was an error.

Tripcentral could have made it right….they did not!

Tripcentral was not willing to refund the difference between the 7 day advertised price and the 8 day price. Heck, they could of even refunded 1/8th of the trip.

Instead, and only after substantial complaints, I received a $63 per ticket compensation and the brush off. Wow.

When Tripcentral says that they can change the terms of your trip without notice or compensation, they mean it!

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