Exitnow Lowest Price Guarantee misleading

Canada Travel Review

by Jim
(Vancouver B.C.)

I booked a flight through Exitnow.ca today.

When I punched in the dates I wanted, a screen came up momentarily while the search was ongoing, and a bold caption was evident stating, “IF YOU FIND A LOWER PRICE WE’LL MATCH IT!”

The next screen automatically appeared within seconds giving a quote that was slightly higher than both Travelocity and Expedia.

However, given the statement noted on the prior screen, I proceeded to make the booking on line assuming that at some time the Lowest Price Guarantee would be addressed. It never was.

So I called Exitnow, and was told both by an agent and her supervisor, price matches were only honoured over the phone, and it was just too bad!

Why, if that is the case, does the web site when doing a search flash that big guarantee sign as the search is done.

Pretty misleading as it is on available on line. Despite the Lowest Price Guarantee their price was not only higher but they wouldn’t match the lowest price.

Not impressed at all. Misleading, is the kindest interpretation that can be attached to the practice.


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