Exit Travel Any Good???

Canada Travel Review

by Yves
(Philipsburg, Quebec, Canada)

I ordered and paid for a package deal to Cuba.

Eight hours later, I was put in the impossibility to go for professional reasons. I called to try to change my flight for the next day. They said: “Too bad, the flight company refuses to change your flight”.

I called the flight company and they accepted to change my flight at the condition that my agent from Exit Now would call them. All the agents where busy when I called at Exit now and I had to leave a message at on the anwering machine. It took me 1 day before my agent from Exit now called me back. I asked the agent how she could help me. She said that their policy was not to help in those cases.

I said: “This is not what you told me yesterday. You told me that the flight company would not accept to change the flight”. She answered: “Anyway yesterday, you could have bought an insurance change your flight”. I asked: “When I called you to change my flight I could have bought an insurance?”. She said: “Yes”. I asked: “Then why did you not tell me then”. She answered: “We sell insurance to make money. I was not going to tell you the solution to your problem. It was your responsability to know that you just had to buy insurance at that moment”. I said: “This is incredible. Can I buy it now ?” She said: “No, it is too late now. You only had 24 hours to do it after you bought the ticket”.

This is horrible. There was a great satisfaction in her voice knowing that she could have helped me the day before and that she had a solution for me but that she kept it secret to make sure I loose my money. I told her: “This is bad faith!”. She answered: “This is the company’s policy. That’s how we make money”. That was on the 11th of march 2010 (Sorry for my bad english. This is not my language. Yves

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  1. Some Lowest Price Guarantee!

    I went on line to book a trip to Frankfurt on the Exitnow.ca web site. After punching in the dates, I had a screen come up, indicating a search for tickets, and in bold letters immediately below was the statement. “If You Find a Lower Price We’ll Match It.”

    The price for the for the tickets then came up, and were about $6.00 more than both Travelocity and Expedia.

    Thinking that the price guarantee would kick in at some point, I proceeded to make the booking on line. Turns out it never did appear, so I phoned Exitnow, and was told any price matches had to be booked by phone.

    If that’s the case why does it appear big as brass as the search engine is doing it on line.

    Too bad, Exitnow.ca said, consumer beware. Some lowest price guarantee!

    No more bookings from me!

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