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Canada Travel Review

by Sherry

Something we’ve never bothered doing but got burnt this time. Purchased an Air Canada vacation through Sell Off Vacations. Unfortunately our young daughter took ill and is on life support, needless to say we can’t go anywhere.

Air Canada is fully willing to issue us a credit for future travel but then realized we booked through Sell Off Vacations and said we’d have to get the credit through them. Guess Sell Off has no compassion as they won’t even consider a credit!

I will never use them again nor would I ever recommend!

Fly From Canada Comment: 

No one intends to cancel when they book a vacation.  When people say this, they really mean, “under current circumstances, I see no reason why I would cancel” and this is exactly what cancellation insurance is about.  Cancellation insurance covers unexpected risks that will result in the loss of all of the non-refundable payments for your trip.

We routinely see customers declining insurance and then needing to cancel unexpectedly.  Even though customers know of the non-refundable nature of their payments, some defy reality and insist to waive cancellation or change penalties.  Travel suppliers’ non-refundable provisions and terms and conditions for changes are set in stone in contracts that cannot be modified.  Large travel suppliers have hundreds of calls per week with customers requesting that penalties are waived because of their “special circumstances.” This falls on deaf ears and cancellation penalties are not waived.

It’s such a serious issue that the Ontario Government requires travel agents to offer both medical and cancellation insurance at the time of booking, and it is required that travel agents record whether the insurance is purchased or declined on our invoices.  Please understand that if you decline cancellation insurance, you will be on the hook if you cancel – period.  If you are ready to take the risk that you write off the entire cost of your trip, this is a risk calculation that only you can make.

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