Do not use itravel2000 – customer comments

Canada Travel Review

by Rick Carter
(Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada)

This is my itravel2000 Review:

First all inclusive family vacation ever and I made the mistake of booking to the D.R. with itravel2000 in 2002.

Paid and received our e tickets with departure date and time from Calgary. As we lived 2 1/2 hrs out of Calgary and it was an early am flight we went in the day before. Got to the airport for our early morning departure and no one around. We managed to find someone with the airlines (AirTransat) who scratched his head over our e tickets.

He confirmed our flight was the NEXT day at midnight. At least we weren’t late. Phoned itravel2000 and spoke to the person that booked us. He blamed it on the airlines.

Once on our correct flight everything was okay. Once back I wrote itravel2000 and complained about their mistake, and the fact it cost us two nights accomodation, meals, both my wife and I one days wages as we could have left after work the second day.

They ignored my letter as well as my subsequent e-mails. I lodged a complaint with TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario)and they came back saying they were unable to make itravel2000 do anything, however itravel2000 would credit us $400
for our next holiday booked with them.

We have just recently booked our 8th all inclusive holiday with another travel company. I research the internet regularly and itravel2000 prices are constantly higher then the majority of the sites I use.

Most travel companies offer discounts booking with them by a certain date, so itravel2000 did us no favours. I have made it a personal crusade to tell everyone I meet and who travels NOT to use itravel2000.

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  1. Read your invoice

    It amazes me when people blame companies for their own errors. I have booked with many companies including ITravel2000 (I just booked the other week for a holiday this Christmas with them) and when I received my invoice it clearly stated the flight date and times.

    If you didnt under stand the flight times you should have called your agent to clarify the times. Its not the agent that decides the flight time or the agency but the airline. If the flight agent at the airport didnt understand their own e ticket thats his or her problem too.

    Make sure you read your invoice it is a legal document thats why the send you one.

  2. My own errors ??

    To the “anonymous” poster commenting on my poor experience with Itravel2000. How do you even remotely conclude that THEIR screw up was my error ? When you speak with the ITravel 2000 agent and confirm travel times via the e-ticket and go to the airport only to find out that that is not the correct time, it’s my error ?

    Clearly, you have not had this happen to you and secondly, because you didn’t put a name to your reply I shouldn’t be responding at all. You are probably an employee of ITravel2000. Warning to everyone….DO NOT USE ITravel2000.

    They have no problem taking you money, and when THEY screw up, they will not even acknowledge you or the fact they did. I will not spend one penny on them again, and this is my last comment about them on this site.

  3. I agree, DO NOT USE itravel2000

    DO NOT USE ITRAVEL2000. They do not stand by their Price Match Guarantee even if they email you with a confirmation from a airline website at clearly stating a lower fare. The invoice they send you, will be higher. They will not respond to emails when questioning this guarantee.

    They will point fingers at everyone but will not feel they should be held accountable for their actions or their promotions.

  4. Stay Away From Them!!!

    They use their small print to screw you. I selected a trip with them largely based on the fact that the carrier shown on the package was Westjet. I have long legs and taking a charter plane cramps me terribly.

    When I received my tickets I was astonished to read that the carrier had been arbitrarily changed and I was to be stuck in a cramped seat.

    When I complained they sent me a form letter bringing to my attention to the fine print that they reserve the right to change carriers based on availability etc. My wife and I retired at 55 and travel a lot. They’ll never get our business again!

  5. itravell2000 SUCKS!

    Booked a trip with them for 12 days to the Myan Riveira. Told by the rep it was a 4* resort, and another agent who had been there said it was great. Wanted a ocean view and made a point of stating that and thought we had paid for it.

    Actually stated on invoice Request: Higher floor with ocean front. Arrived at resort which was no better than a 3* and was told an upgrade to ocean front was $30.00 U.S. per night. Wanted a nice holiday and paid it.

    Complained to itravel2000 custormer service who sent a form letter (email) stating it was a standard room, upgrades were extra with our resort in Cuba. Cuba????? They never even read the letter. Complained to a supervisor who basically was demeaning in her response telling us it was our fault. You didn’t read the fine print. You didn’t pay for ocean view. “To Bad…So Sad” Their customer service SUCKS.

  6. Not going to use itravel 2000

    They may have a problem in that I might have used them but will not now. That is a serious issue in that I am not prepared to have a bad experience. They will not get an opportunity with my wife and me and we travel a lot.

  7. itravel2000 had issues

    I tried for over an hour to book a flight online.
    Rejected my credit card, (nothing wrong with it) and when I posted another card, it said my birthday was wrong. Called CS for tech support but she said it would cost me 20.00 extra because I called in. She also stated that’s how she’s paid. Who’s paying me for getting the runaround??

    I refused on principle and asked for tech support. Tech support, (who was at least polite) explained that flight wasn’t even available. Yet for 20.00 she would have booked it. Right! I don’t know who’s at the helm there; this organization does a horrible job.


  8. Flight time was incorrected stated on itravel2000 iternary

    I purchased airline ticket from Flight time was incorrect stated on itravel2000 iternary. When I arrived airport the flight had already took off. and Itravel2000 wouldn’t admit the mistake came from their end.

  9. itravel2000

    Nope – the people above are correct. Itravel2000 is the worst travel agency we’ve ever used, and we fly out at least once a year. Their customer service is completely gone as soon as they have your money, and they refuse to do anything to accommodate you. Before you pay it’s all song and dance, after you’re left to fend for yourself. I also tried going to the BBB, which of course is fruitless since they always side with paying members.

    I hope they go bankrupt. Please never travel with them, try a company that actually cares about the people booking with them.

  10. Garbage company

    Itravel2000 is all marketing. No customer service what so ever. Once they have your money they are evasive and do not help with anything. I’ve used them once in the past and refuse to ever use them again. In fact, I tell people that they are pathetic. You can find complains about them all over the internet.. and I’m sure they are justified. I know I’ve been burnt by them before.

    Back to a brick and mortar travel agency for me… at least they know what customer service is.

  11. ITravel2000 – No customer service

    I agree that ITravel2000 is all about those annoying radio/TV ads. All marketing. Once they hook you, they have no customer service at all. They will simply ignore you and there is nothing you can do about it. We also got burnt, learned our lesson and now use reputable travel companies. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

  12. do not use itravel2000

    I don’t want my name anywhere on-line, so I too will be anonymous. I agree that if a client has not had a similar problem they should be silent, for they know nothing. Zip.

    I have never booked with itavel2000, and after reading the complaints here…I never will. Who needs that nonsense!

    I do check different sites for price comparison, and when I find a thread such as this…I take note.

    Thank you, and I’ll pass this info on to all my fellow travellers.

  13. bad service

    Used the service of itravel2000. They are all about the money! When we reached our destination, what we told we were getting and what we got were two totally different things. We were told that we were getting an ocean view, but when we went to inquire, we were told we had to pay extra.

    Little things like a coffee maker, internet use, being able to use your phone, etc really added up. We knew it wasn’t going to go as they had promised when we had not even registered and already it was costing us $70 US for a safe key! Read the fine print and do your research!

  14. 1st & Last itravel2000 experience

    I just returned from Mexico last week after booking with itravel2000 for the first time….what a mistake, they made all kinds of misleading promises, advertised “8 nights” which turned out to be 6 in reality.

    Hotel staff and Sunwing Reps told us “we were lied to” by itravel. I emailed itravel as soon as we returned from our trip, never got a response. I’ll never deal with them again.

  15. Do Not Use itravel2000

    I have purchased 4 tickets from them, they made our names wrong in 2 of the tickets. When I called them, their only suggestion for me was to buy another tickets. I fixed the problem by myself which cost me US$150 and found out that they even put a note in the airlines’ computer that we have made the mistake and had to purchase new tickets.

    They were not only not helping but never forgot to put a footnote there that they did not make the mistake and asked the airlines to charge us another 2 new tickets. Garbage company, no service and irresponsible.

  16. misleading search results

    I travel and red tag both have the same time wasting tactic of posting outdated rates on flight so that when you go to confirm your told there is a price increase this a happened every time i have tried to book with these two companies and what really gets me is i check back the next day and find the same low rate in the search result.

  17. Even the website sucks

    I was on the website searching for vacation packages and I’d say 9 out of 10 are unavailable even though I input my criteria and they came up in the search results. And you get that message that says to call one of their agents. That is such BS. If you make me take the time to input my parameters, how about you give me search results that fit. I haven’t even dealt with them, I don’t want to because I feel like they are already being dishonest. It’s a ploy to get you talking to a person for what is almost certain to be a hardsell conversation. It is what led to me googling “itravel2000 sucks” and I will not be calling them.

  18. I like iTravel2000

    I will go against the thread here. We booked through Itravel 2000 last year for our Jamaican vacation. This was our first experience booking through them but after reading all of this is probably the last, just in case.

    They had the best price, even lowered the price when I called them. Flight times changed by about 20 minutes and they called me first and then sent the updated eticket. Maybe it is who you get taking your booking.

    The only reason I found this thread is because I searched for them again to book and found this.

  19. Worst travel agent EVER!!

    The informatiomn on their website is wrong when it comes to luggage, therefore I had to pay an extra $100 when I got to the airport. The customer service is the worst I have ever had, manager refuse to talk to you outright, customer service agents laugh at you and say “go right ahead” when you say you will call the better business bureau or TICO, and their own etickets are WRONG!! I wasted hours in the airport at my layover point, due to the fact that itravel screwed up the etickets, one thing was written down but they booked us for a completely different thing. In fact, I can honestly say that this is not only the worst service from a ravel agent, but the worst service I have ever received in my life from ANY company, period. STAy AWAY

  20. LIARS

    To start the car cost 200$more at the airport (after paying 200 to I travel)
    the “Hotel” really a cheap motor inn that I would not take my shoes off in. There was vomit on the stairs, the room smelled, who knows what might be growing in the bathroom, not to start on the charaters walking around outside.The beds were like boards, the smell of mold filled the air.

    When I called to complain they said where else would you like to go, if I knew I would not use a travel agent. What is the role of a Travel Agent, I believe I am paying for someones expertise, who knows the place I am going, who will give me a safe, clean space, not just charge me.

    In the end it was only because it was a West Jet package that we got moved, after 4 hours of fighting with these idiots. i 2000 claims they are not responsible!well they take the money fast enough, tell me who is responsible then?

    we had to pay 400$ more for a decent hotel.
    So 600$ more in total before the vacation began, which was my spending money, just to be safe.
    I could have gone to a better vacation spot, but actually trusted these IDIOTS.

  21. Itravel2000 sucks

    I agree, they do anything to get you hooked then forget about you. Have used many travel agencies and they were the absolute worst !

  22. Why I love Itravel

    We have traveled with Itravel 3 times now and have had a wonderful trip each time. we do not book online as a travel article I read advised that it is unwise to ever do so, no wonder which company you use. I have found that Maria, ext. 1127 is absolutely fabulous, even arranging our last trip in 2 days. I have used other sites and so far, I have been the most satisfied with Itravel.

  23. Not happy with Itravel2000 service

    We booked our 2nd trip with itravel Dec 2010 but it will be the last time. The first time we had no problems with the booking but this time they had spelling mistakes on the tickets and were missing important information about the reservation. After calling the agent many times he never returned my calls so I called the customer service. They corrected only one mistake so I had to call them again. It took three times to get it right. Make sure you read all the details on the reservation since if it’s wrong you won’t get what you paid for. Nest time I’ll use something else!

  24. Dealing with itravel2000 will cost you more that you bargained for!!!

    BAD BAD experience. DO NOT book anything with itravel 2000. They kept screwing up my flight & everytime they made the changes, they charged my credit card over $300 for their mistake. My flight was only worth $402 return & it ended up costing me over $2000. When I asked to speak to a competent supervisor or manager, they claimed that they did not have one!!!!! What kind of business does not have any supervisors????

    BEWARE!!! If you are only flying, book directly with the airlines. Changes in flight plans is 80% less for penalties….

  25. I like iTravel2000

    Re: Complaints

    Today is my 25 time I book with itravel,yes I had misspelings but a schort phone call is all it took to correct it.If those complainers would read the Itinery properly and do a little search on the Hotel they are going to than they would not be complaining so much.Dont blame the Girls for time changes that the Airline makes in the
    last minute and the Girls only do what you tell them

  26. bad experience with itravel2000

    guess were the same as many others. there is 11 of us traveling to mexico with itravel2000 and the reason we picked the flight that we HAD was because it was convenient for us to get off van island without having to stay over in vancouver. and then coming home it worked out for us to catch a plane back to the island……but of coarse after we paid for our flight back to victoria they changed our flight to mexico which screwed us for our return back to vic. when we phoned the travel agent(all of us at different times) to complain and were hoping for a sorry or something but nobody has heard a thing back from them. so now we have lost our money for the flight back home plus have to get a hotel for the night………..i hate this air line and i said once before that i would never travel with them again……i sure hope we all have learnt a lesson here. WHY CAN THEY GET AWAY WITH SCREWING THE PUBLIC LIKE THIS……MAD, MAD, MAD.

  27. Itravel2000 They find ways to charge you extra $$$$

    Warning iTravel2000 looks for ways to charge you extra any which way they can, even at the last minute.

  28. Be weary of confirmation with iTravel2000

    This was our second time booking with itravel2000. The first time was an all inclusive and there was no problem. Last week we booked a Westjet flight with itravel but when the confirmation email came in (about 18 hours later), all the details were wrong; dates, times and prices. We called immediately and after 3 hours and 2 long phone conversations, they still refused to correct the flight details unless we paid almost $300 per ticket (!) for a glitch in their system! And itravel claimed the costs to change the details were being imposed by Westjet system. Eventually we called Westjet directly and although it’s not their standard practice, they were able to correct the details. In fact, the agent told us it would have been easier for itravel to correct it in their own system and was surprised they refused to do this without surplus charge especially because the flight was booked less than 24 hours prior and departure was more than 3 months away.

  29. Itravel200 is the best

    dont listen to any of these comments we booked 8 trips with itravel all PERFECT!
    its the best on the market!

    i love booking with them its so simple, i dont understand how you people can be so ignorant and picky!try flying with expedia and see how bad the service can be!

  30. getting off itravel site now – thanks

    ok as of this moment i am getting off this site and looking elsewhere… yipes… please advise great deals and a better company … as i will not take the titravel route now.. thx


    if the price goes down they come up with any excuse possible to tell you that bla bla bla fine print. Lies.

  32. pricing

    note for all you shoppers…all prices are the same wherever you book..there is no discounting anymore with tour suppliers..whether you book online or through a travel agency you might be led to believe you are getting a better deal, but you can go down the road and get the same price from another agency…
    just look at who is giving the best customer service…


    We have now booked three vacations with ITRAVEL2000 and we received great professional service. The agent was extremely knowledgeable about the hotels, the services offered, dining available and entertainment. We booked trips to Florida, Las Vegas and a cruise. We plan to book our Europe trip next year as well with ITRAVEL2000. The services provided offer a no worry type of service rather than taking the chance of booking on line and making a dreadful error.

  34. never had a problem

    i use itravel2000 once a year for our annual vacation. i was nervous the first time i used an online travel agency, but found it was easy to get a hold of someone to speak to and that they were extremely helpful to us and very patient with all of our questions.

    our trips have all worked very well, never had hidden fees. here’s a tip to all of you, most of you are blaming your bad trips on itravel – bad experiences with the hotel, bad experiences with the airline, flight time changes, room switches at the resort – these are not itravel’s fault and not within their control. that’s like watching a bad movie and saying “i’ll never use netflix again!”

    you have to remember that when you’re in carribean countries, they’re often looking to take advantage of you. don’t blame the travel agency when someone in mexico manages to convince you that you need to pay extra for your rental car, or to “upgrade” to the room that you booked. there is a company rep at your resort – talk to them and they’ll fix it for you.

  35. Floating Terms and Conditions

    I’m very disappointed with iTravel2000 and regret that I didn’t find this site before I booked a vacation. You can’t negotiate about anything once they have your money. They will never send you a real Terms and Conditions with your purchase. What they provide is a link to the web site it means that they can change and modify their Terms and Conditions whenever they want in any point in time. So when you purchased your deal the Terms and Conditions are not the same as when you try to negotiate let say price drop protection that they have from time to time.


    A price drop of 200$ pp for an all inclusive vacation that I booked was noted one week before departure. I contacted iTravel2000 to see if could benefit from the “price drop protection” they offer. It was refused. They have fine print.

    I was going to use the Flex Option (which I purchased) to cancel the present booking and re-book the entire trip for 200$ less pp. Hahaha. The LAUGH was on me. The CREDIT voucher would only be issued in 2 weeks!!!

    Travellers beware. SELL OFF VACATIONS offers price protection with refund up to 3 days before departure.
    So who will you book with next time.

  37. Part 1 – Agencies vs Tour Operators

    After reading some of these reviews I feel compelled to explain a little bit about how the travel industry works as the public tends to be somewhat naive asto the reality of how it operates and MANY of you are placing blame on itravel2000 for problems that are completely beyond their control. Let me start by saying that I myself have worked in the industry and book my personal travel through a number of companies, including itravel, depending on the product I am booking (I personally tend to book flights with the airlines directly and packages, hotels through agencies like itravel2000). I have based the information below on what appear to be the most frequent complaints and have tried to shed some light on the situations.

    What people very often fail to recognize is that ANY travel agency acts as a third party consultant/broker selling the products (packages,flghts etc…) of the airlines or other wholesale companies (tour operators – Transat, Sunwing, Sunquest etc..) that generally do not sell to the public directly. EVERY travel agency sells the exact same tour operator packages from the same inventory at the same price. When you buy a package through an agency, you are really buying the package from the tour operator who is paying a commission to the agent for selling it on their behalf. Any difference in price will be minimal and results from the agent forfeiting a portion of their commission in order to be competitive. The vast majority of the time the agency only makes $30 – $50 per person booked on a vacation package and the agent themselves roughly 10 – 30% of that so the agent who assisted you in making your reservation earned roughly $5 -$15 per passenger for the time spent with you.

    Now once that booking has been made, it rests in the tour operators hands and is subject to the terms and conditions of the tour operator NOT the agency. This explains why many agencies (not just itravel2000) provide a link to the terms and conditions of your booking from the tour operator directly. This is a liability issue and protects the agency from misrepresenting the terms and conditions of a third party company. Any invoice received from any agency will explain (Usually right at the top) that by purchasing this product you have entered into a contractural agreement with the SUPPLIER, not the agency.

  38. Part 2 – Fees

    Fees to make changes are dictated by the supplier (tour operator, airline etc…) whose product you have purchased. The first reaction people have is to to blame the agency for ripping them off however these fees would be EXACTLY the same regardless of whether you booked with itravel2000, RedTag, Expedia etc… and the agencies do not have the ability nor authority to waive them. Again, people are quick to say that they spent $5,000 with this company to book their family of 4 and that they should therefore waive or absorb the $200 change fee for you. Going back to my earlier point however, in actuality you spent $4,800 – $4,900 with the tour operator and $100 -$200 with the agency. This considered, how/why then should they be expected to absorb a $200 penalty on your behalf if you provided the wrong information or need to make a change, when doing so would result in their breaking even or even taking a 200% loss on your booking in addition to the extra work involved?

    Of course their are instances where the agency has made an error in which case they most definitely should be absorbing the cost of any error. From first hand experience, itravel2000 records every single one of their phone calls and if you believe the error was made by an agent, they will review the call to confirm and even play it back for you if you ask. In my case a spelling error was made by the agent and once this was confirmed through the call playback, they took full responsibility, without question, and absorbed the fee to correct it. Was it a little bit frustrating, sure, it took time out of my day to resolve but at the end of the day, mistakes happen and are made by the best of us from time to time. You can’t blame the agency for wanting to confirm they are at fault before taking a hit but many people don’t take the time to think about all of the factors involved and simply get angry and blame them instead.

  39. Part 3 – Flight Times and Schedule Changes

    The same is true of flight times and flight changes. People automatically blame the agency through which they booked when they have no control over this what so ever. Flight times are ALWAYS subject to change, particularly when it comes to charter flights that are part of a vacation package. The airlines change flight times, NOT the agency and often times the airlines themselves have no control over it either, they are dictated by the FAA. What people don’t realize is that it is so much cheaper to buy a vacation package than to purchase a flight from a major scheduled airline (Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta etc…) and a hotel seperately because they utilize charter flights instead. Meaning the tour company has chartered an aircraft and secured lower pricing by pre-purchasing and going on risk for every seat on that aircraft. As such, charter airlines are the bottom of the priority list for take off /landing clearance from the FAA and are worked in around the times secured by the higher priced scheduled airlines. As charter aircrafts typically make numerous trips per day, the times of clearance are not based only on availability at the airport YOU are departing from but also on the corresponding times available at other airports in other cities/countries. As a result when you book a vacation package that uses charter air, it is ALWAYS in the terms and conditions that the flight times are subject to change up until 24 hours prior to departure. While this can be frustrating as everyone wants to arrive at their vacation destination as early as possible and leave as late as possible, it is simply not possible to guarantee on a charter package and you should NEVER base your decision based on the posted schedule at the time of booking particularly during peak season as schedule changes are almost guaranteed to occur. If you absolutely need to guarantee your flight times, the reality is that you will have to pay the premium and book the elements separately using a scheduled airline rather than a pre-packaged vacation. The cheaper price is the result of the flexibility involved. Many reviews on here have blamed the agency for the change however as the same product and inventory is offered to all agencies by the supplier/tour operator, the change would have occured regardless of the agency you booked with so in blaming the agency, you are unfortunately showing your ignorance about the product that you have booked and your failure to read the terms associated to it which are ALWAYS outlined before booking as well as on your invoice from ANY agency. You can verify this by going to any agency website and going through to the booking page of a package and looking at the terms.

  40. Part 4 – Problems in Destination and Filing Post Travel Complaints

    Likewise, agencies have agreements with the tour operators (there are only 6 major tour operators in Canada – Transat Holidays, Nolitours, Sunwing Vacations, Signature Vacations, Sunquest Vacations, Air Canada Vacations and WestJet Vacations) and under those agreements have to offer their complete product line up. The agency cannot select which hotels they wish to offer from that line up or have any control over the rating assigned to it by a particular tour operator. If you are dissatisfied with a hotel or feel is was misrepresented in the discription provided on the agency site (the descriptions are provided by the tour operators directly and not by the agency) or brochure, the agency is in no way responsible for that as again, you have purchased it from the tour operator with the assistance of the agency and in doing so have entered into a contract with the TOUR OPERATOR. I find a prior reviewer’s comparison of blaming Netflix because you didn’t like a move to be a very good example. In these events, your agent should most definitely assist you in filing a post travel complaint to the operator or hotel directly (depending on the nature of the problem)as THAT is their job as your agent or broker but they are not in a position to decide on any type of compensation and can only relay information as provided to them. They are also not in a position to refund you for any amount (unless it was truely an error made by the agent themselves in which case I again recommend asking to review the call to confirm)as once again you have paid the operator for the trip, not the agency.

  41. Part 5 – Web Pricing

    The last issue that seems to be a frequent bone of contention, is that of price changes and products displayed on websites. As previously discussed, the agencies do not set the prices for packages nor flights, they are simply paid a commission by the supplier for making the reservation on their behalves. The websites of most major online agencies such as Expedia or itravel2000 link directly to the suppliers’ back end systems which automatically load the suppliers’ product and update automatically as they change their pricing. These are not updated by the agencies themselves. This is the reason why you will sometimes find discrepancies between the pricing that appears in the search results and that which appears when you continue on to the confirmation or booking page, particularly when it comes to flights. Flight pricing changes constantly as most airlines structure their pricing by alloting a set number of seats at a given price point (usually blocks of 10 seats) to encourage early booking, and when these seats sell out the fares bump up to the next price point. The search results page on an agency site is their own information which has pulled from the the various supplier systems. The agency systems typically refresh by pulling real time pricing every 2 – 7 mins however airline pricing can change drastically in that time. The general search results that appear may reflect pricing that has since changed in the last 5 mins from the previous website refresh but when you proceed to verify the rates or make the booking, the system will link into the real time results for that supplier and show you the actual current rate at exactly that moment. This is not the agency trying to mislead you or publish false information, its simply a reality of the limitations of technology and because the agency does not set the pricing, it is beyond their control.

  42. Part 6 – Price Drop Protection

    This is also why there are typically so many restrictions on Price Drop Protection promotions on any agency site. Because they do not control pricing themselves and generally make a very small margin of profit on packages, it is VERY difficult if not completely financially unrealistic for them to guarantee this protection without any kind of terms to protect themselves or they would end up bankrupt. Many suppliers will drop pricing at the last minute if they have a large amount of unfilled seats/hotel rooms as they have gone on risk for them as previously discussed. As a result for the supplier, some money is better than none, but for the agency who are only making $50/head, they cannot feasibly offer price drop protection that encompasses this period and its unreasonble to expect them to do so.

    Travel is a commodity and as a result, pricing flucctuates regularly. My general rule of thumb is that if you are willing to be flexible and don’t have your heart set on a particular destination or hotel – wait until last minute and see where pricing drops based on availability as there will be deals unless you are looking at peak dates such as March Break, New Years or Valentines Day (these are the three most expensive weeks of the year and pricing will go up NOT down). If you have a specific destination you want to go to, don’t wait as pricing can go up instead of down, its all a matter of supply and demand. If you see a price that you are comfortable paying and you know that’s where you want to go – book it and stop looking! As frustrating as it is to see a price has dropped, it will be more frustrating if you wait and end up paying even more. Once again, travel is a commodity, think of it like gas. If you decide not to fill up on your way home today and the price goes up by $.05/Ltr overnight, ESSO is not going to honour yesterday’s price for you nor would they refund you if it dropped $0.05/ltr overnight – and neither is the travel agency. You lock in the price at the time of purchase, what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow is irrelevant.

  43. Conclusion!

    I know that this was a little bit long winded but felt that some of the accusations on here were very unfair to itravel2000 as the fault is falling with the wrong individuals in many cases and would have occured regardless of the agency that they chose to book with. I consider myself to be pretty well educated on the inner workings of the travel industry as I have worked on both the retail and wholesale side of it with many different companies (for the record, itravel2000 is not one of them) and also travel very frequently. I have used many companies including Expedia, Sell Off Vacations, Red Tag, Travelocity, Flight Center etc… and have to say that itravel2000 actually has some of the best customer service I have personally ever experienced and have gone above and beyond for their customers in ways that most other large agencies don’t and I think its unfair that people attack agencies in these forums for problems that are beyond their control.

    The reality is that it is a pretty complex business, the product they sell is the whole world which changes frequently, and on a whole, the public is fairly naive to how it all works. People spend a lot of their hard earned money on vacations and travel and as a result it is only natural that they will get frustrated and angry over a situation when something goes wrong but often times the blame is directed at the wrong source. It is a pretty tightly regulated industry in Canada and there are a lot of structures in place to protect the customer so people will often find that most operational issues they have (pricing, invocing/terms and conditions, schedule changes etc…) are almost always to code and generally the result of their own oversight or failure to review or understand the terms of what they purchased.

    While not ALL of the negative reviews are unfounded, mistakes do happen and companies should be accountable for them, many of those below are, and I strongly believe in educating yourself and making informed decisions rather than making assumptions and then spewing blame in the wrong direction when something goes wrong.

  44. Money returned

    I am the original poster of this thread. If you are going to advertise it, make money off it, than lie to me about it to get out of your responsibilities I- travel2000 than you will get backlash. Don’t reel people in and take an unfair advantage against other companies unless you are are going to follow through. If they were in the right they wouldn’t have issued the refund check after I made a complaint to Tico and regularly commented on their fb page.. I don’t even remember how much it was nor do I care except that I don’t tolerate or will allow for a company to intentionally take advantage of me.

  45. re: I Travel

    surprised no one has blamed I travel because the food was not whatthey wanted at their destination, blame I travel the weather sucked.

  46. Itravel2000

    I totally disagree with you on this travel agency, I know someone who works there and has over 30 years of experience, and they go out of their way to make sure all of your travel plans are done. If you got to the airport the airline said the flight doesn’t go out until such a time, they have made the change, as the agent could not of book your flight. Look around Itravel price matching so there is no screwing you over.

  47. -took friends to ireland to show them around. Used itravel2000 for travel. Itinerary received 5-6 months before trip showed return was on the Saturday. Luckily airline e-mailed reminder of upcoming flight on the Friday. After confirming it was Friday, threw all our clothing into suitcases and rushed to airport and luckily made our flight home.
    -sent a nice e-mail to itravel2000 stating what happened looking for reimbursement for the apartment for the one night we didn’t use it as well as the 2 excursions x four people. Total was around $600
    – got bs letter from itravel2000 saying it would take 8-10 weeks to respond. At 10 weeks contacted again and got some more bullshit blaming everyone but themselves.
    DO NOT USE THEM FOR TRAVEL. There are lots of vacation companies who would love you business and admit they made a mistake and reimburse the customer.
    Please pass on before anyone else gets screwed.

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