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by Julieta

Dear FlightNetwork,

I find your answer below and the way flight network managed my whole booking rather insulting. It is nowhere near how I or any person would expect to be treated by a company you are trying to buy from.

To recap my booking was cancelled by flightnetwork and as I was informed by telephone the email informing me was “unfortunately” sent to the wrong address and I had to try find another flight personally because I didn’t even had any support from Flightnetwork that all you said was that I was not going to be able to flight and it was my problem to sort out to not lose all of the hotel reservations and other travel arrangements I had already made.

Luckily I found more helpful and customer oriented companies in their market that actually helped me to get a same day flight to not lose any of the other bookings but because of your inefficiency I had to spend an additional amount of 500 USD.

Once I made my formal complaint my second fight begun… it is nearly impossible to speak to customer care. Called several times and always was told by the person speaking to me that no one was picking up the phone in customer care if I could please call back later (you should be calling me back not the opposite, I am the customer and my satisfaction should be your aim)

After several attempts and frustrations I finally was informed via email that Flightnetwork generously offered my a voucher of 50 CAD when you didn’t even had the integrity of not charging me your 6CAD administrative fee. I find this insulting not only because is nowhere near enough to compensate the extra spend I had to make because of your mistake but also because I have not been respected at all through all the complaint process.

I find this whole problem embarrassing for a company of your size that I trusted with my travel arrangements and obviously misjudged the importance a customer has for you.

Kind regards,
Gonzalo Lema on behalf of Roberto Martin Caputo
Booking 5952423

Hello Roberto,

Thank you for contacting Flight Network.

Please be advised the voucher provided is the best that we could assist you with. Flight Network would not be able to assist with any compensation further in reference to Booking ID – 5952423.

We wish our reply could be more favorable.


Benny Leitao | Customer Care Representative
T: 1.800.671.5032 | A: 2947A Portland Dr. Oakville, ON L6H 5S4
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