Why I Do Not Use iTravel2000

Canada Travel Review

by Kathy

The service was horrible. They wrote down the wrong e-mail address and I didn’t get my invoice until 3 days later when I had to tell them the correct one. It was 4 days before my flight I didn’t receive my tickets until I had to call and ask for them.

The agent helping me told me fuel costs were going to rise and the buy then. My ticket was $200 cheaper 3 weeks later. I will not use itravel2000 again.

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  1. iTravel2000 ripping us off with their price drop protection

    The fuel surcharge from the carrier dropped below $100 and we tried to claim a refund for the difference only to be told that this was a tax. Since when is a fuel surcharge considered a tax? Fuel surcharges are part of the airline’s operating expenses. Therefore if the cost of fuel goes up, the total cost for the trip has gone up.

    iTravel2000 is ripping you off as they will not pay for the difference.

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