Disappointment with Bel Air Travel

Canada Travel Review

by Jean

We booked through this company because of a portable DVD player offer. We met all the terms and conditions (price of trip, time for travel etc.), but we never received the DVD player. When we contacted the company we were told, “you should have mentioned that you wanted the DVD when the agent called to confirm your booking.” The agent calls a day or so after you book online, in the middle of a busy day, and it is your responsibility to mention that you want the DVD player?

This seems a little ridiculous, as there is nothing in the promotional material that indicates this. It only says that the offer cannot be reinstated if declined. We never declined the offer, and assumed that it would be included as suggested in the advertising.

Furthermore, when we contacted Bel Air Travel about this, the agent never apologized for the “misunderstanding”, or offered any solution. She only insisted that it was our fault that we did not receive the DVD. This may seem like a small matter, but if you cannot trust a company with little things, how can you trust it with more important things, like travel arrangements?

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